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Measure C Transit Oriented Development

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Measure C Transit Oriented Development

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) program was created by the 2006 Measure C Extension Plan. TOD projects support community-based transit projects that are developed through an inclusive planning process with broad private-public partnerships and outreach. The improve the range of transportation choices by supporting transit facilities and improving links between facilities and activity nodes. TOD also supports well-designed, high-density housing and mixed uses near transit. 


In addition to encouraging transit supportive land use surrounding the high-capacity transit corridors to boost transit ridership in the Fresno County region, the Measure C TOD program also strives to support livable, viable and sustainable transit oriented healthy communities that promote walking, biking, and the use of public transit and reduce private vehicle dependence. Such TOD communities promote health and well-being and reduce risks for chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The projects funded by the TOD program serve as models that reduce vehicle trips, improve air quality and provide access to physical activity opportunities through integrated land use and transportation planning.


Fresno County Measure C Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Program Policies and Guidelines:

TOD Program Guidelines 


For more information or clarification of the TOD process contact Kristine Cai at Fresno COG, 559-233-4148 ext. 215.


Technical Advisory Committee Meetings:

TOD Program 5-Year Review:  

3/26/16   Agenda    Notes    TOD Program Review Presentation


Other Meetings:

7/20/11   Agenda    Notes


6/15/11   Agenda    Notes


5/18/11   Agenda



Sales Tax Revenue Estimate
TOD Policies and Guidelines-general COP Draft










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