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In the News

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Bus service from Fresno to high sierra begins in summer

Sequoia Kings Canyon and YARTs National Park Transit abc 30 news
1/17 & 19/15

Fresno Council of Governments to present revitalization project

Ventrua/Kings Canyon Revitalization Project Fresno Bee

Local California officials look for aid on Capitol Hill

 San Joaquin Valley Voice tripFresno Bee


Local California officials look for aid on Capitol Hill

San Joaquin Valley Voice trip

Sacramento Bee




Project questions aboundPlanned developments vs. SCSThe Fresno Bee


Transportation Sec. LaHood talks high-speed rail in Fresno visitHigh-Speed RailThe Fresno Bee


Rail Meeting MondayHigh-Speed RailThe Fresno Bee


Grant Fuels Kingsburg train depot remodelingFederal funding for ProjectThe Fresno Bee
5/12/10 Fresno County awarded $55 million for highway work
Measure C Regional Project:
Braided Ramp Project Funding
The Fresno Bee
5/6/10 Valley lobbies in D.C. for more funds
Valley Voice
The Fresno Bee
5/4/10 Fresno eyeing Measure C funds to scrap bridge
Measure C
The Fresno Bee
4/28/10 Selma gets graded on walking and cycling paths
Measure C PTIS
Selma Enterprise
4/16/10 Economy squeezes Fresno's mass-transit plans
Bus Rapid Transit
The Fresno Bee
9/18/09 The fracture that never heals
Policy Board Representation
The Fresno Bee
08/16/09 Stimulus funds could ease freeway commute Measure C Regional Project--180 braided ramps The Fresno Bee
08/12/09 Reedley woman wins $1,000 in Measure C program
  The Business Journal Online
7/20/09 Stimulus funds spread far, wide in Valley Transportation project funding The Fresno Bee
6/18/09 Fresno council approves study of Veterans Blvd. Measure C Regional Program Project The Fresno Bee
3/7/08 Blueprint Group: No new citiies in Fresno County Blueprint Planning Process The Business Journal
2/12/08 Fresno County officials stand against Nunes' call to end earmarks Washington D.C. One Voice Trip The Fresno Bee
1/6/08 Good planning crucial to Valley's future quality of Life Blueprint Planning Process The Fresno Bee: Opinion
1/4/08 Blueprint planners look forward to implementation of smart growth Blueprint Planning Process The Business Journal
1/1/08 Challenges, opportunities confront Valley in 2008 Fresno County's Challenges, Visions,Solutions The Fresno Bee: Opinion



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