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Fresno COG Legislative Advocacy Trips

2018 One Voice D.C. – April 21-26, 2018


2018 One Voice Participant Form

2018 Sponsorship Form.pdf

2018 Sponsorship Letter

2017 One Voice Washington D.C. – April 29 – May 4, 2017


One Voice D. C. Materials:


2017 One Voice D.C. Priority Summary Brochure
2017 One Voice D.C. Priorities Listing with Speaker Assignments
2017 One Voice D.C. Sponsor Listing


The Annual Fresno COG One Voice trip to Washington D.C. for elected officials, business leaders and staff, provides an opportunity for the delegation of 17 public and private representatives to expand upon relationships with Congressional representatives and federal staff members established during the previous efforts. The delegation will request legislative support from federal representatives for priorities chosen for their regional significance and their ability to bring economic prosperity to Fresno County while improving transportation choices and infrastructure.


The majority of the delegation leaves for Washington D.C. on Saturday morning, April 29, 2017 from the Fresno Airport. They will return on Thursday, May 4, 2017. The delegation has an ambitious agenda each day to discuss seven Fresno County priorities that need Federal policy support and a total of $74 million in funding. The 2017 One Voice D.C. Priorities include requests for $44.5 million to complete the Veteran’s Boulevard Interchange, $18 million for State Route 269 Bridge construction funding, $1.5 million to train and place youth, veterans and career seekers from disadvantaged communities into pilot training for electric aircraft through the Sustainable Aviation Project and $10 million for the establishment of a Central Valley Forestry Corps to remove and replace dead trees in the Sierra Nevada Range. Additional priorities include policies supporting High-Speed Rail Training Facilities in locations alongside high-speed rail testing facilities and supporting Fresno as the national hub for training high-speed rail workers. Other policies the delegation will be advocating for include US DOT policies for targeted hiring and uniform workforce training, and the continued funding for Community Services Block Grants at $750 million—providing programs that are currently administered through Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission and are critical to the Fresno County Region.


Summaries of meetings, schedules, materials and photos will be available to the press daily via email or by phone as requested. For interviews with delegates or Fresno COG staff,
please contact Brenda Veenendaal, Fresno COG Public Information Officer.


2017 One Voice Delegates and staff:


Amarpreet Dhaliwal, Mayor Pro Tem, City of San Joaquin, Fresno COG Policy Board Chair
Bob Whalen, Mayor, City of Clovis
Alma Beltran, Mayor, City of Parlier
Rey Leon, Mayor, City of Huron
Daniel Parra, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Fowler, Chairman of the Board, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission
Oliver Baines, Councilmember, City of Fresno
Steven Brandau, Councilmember, City of Fresno
Blake Konczal, Executive Director, Fresno Workforce Development Board
Lee Ann Eager, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fresno County Economic Development Corporation
Jeffrey T. Roberts, Vice President, Granville Homes
Joseph Oldham, Director, CALSTART
Tony Boren, Executive Director, Fresno Council of Governments
Paul McLain-Lugowski, Chief Innovation Officer, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission
Chuck Riojas, Financial Secretary/Treasurer, Building & Construction Trades Council
Sharon Gonsalves, Senior Associate, Townsend Public Affairs
Brenda Veenendaal, Administrative Services Manager, Fresno Council of Governments
Trai Her-Cole, Associate Regional Planner, Fresno Council of Governments



2016 One Voice D.C.


During the One Voice kick-off meeting in late November, the One Voice steering committee recommended that all priorities from the previous year be updated and resubmitted if they are still relevant for review and consideration as well as any new regional priorities. In addition, we asked for priority submittals on regional issues communites or organizations are facing that they would like discussed at the federal level.  All of the priorities that were submitted were summarized and combined into one pdf file for review and approval by the One Voice Steering Committee on January 27, 2016 and the Fresno COG Policy Board on February 25, 2016.


Below are links to the final meeting agenda, Simon & Co.’s meeting summaries, the Fruits of One Voice brochure, the 2016 Priority Summary brochure and a matrix of the 2016 One Voice DC follow-up items. A post-trip participant survey was emailed to each participant. The survey results will be provided to the Fresno COG Policy Board on May 26, 2016 for their review.



2016 One Voice D.C. Final Meeting Agenda
Meeting Summaries
2016 One Voice Summary Brochure
2016 Fruits of One Voice Brochure



White Papers priority submittals


SPONSORSHIPS:  Fresno COG would like to thank our 2016 One Voice sponsors that help make this effort possible:




2015 One Voice Washington D.C. — April 11 – 16, 2015

2015 One Voice D.C. Priorities Summary Brochure (includes list of approved priorities, delegates and their contact information) – printable.pdf file


2015 One Voice D.C. Press Release, 4/10/2015
White papers with attachments and maps for the priorities that were considered by the COG Policy Board for approval.


Fresno COG would like to that our 2014 One Voice sponsors that help make this effort possible:

Hatch Mott MacDonald, Quad Knopf, Hospital Council of Northern & Central California, Granville Homes, Kleinfelder, Precision Civil Engineering, Quincy Engineering, Placeworks, VRPA Technologies and Parsons Brinckerhoff, with additional thanks to Fresno COG’s member agencies who contribute local funds in support of the One Voice efforts.


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