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Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee (RTMF)

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Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee (RTMF)

The Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee (RTMF) is an important part of the Measure "C" Extension approved by Fresno County voters in 2006. The RTMF is intended to ensure that future development contributes to its fair share towards the cost of infrastructure to mitigate the cumulative, indirect regional transportation impacts of new growth in a manner consistent with the provisions of the State of California Mitigation Fee Act. The fees will help fund improvements needed to maintain the target level of service in the face of higher traffic volumes brought on by new developments. More information on the Measure "C" Program can be found at:

Rates below are effective from January 1, 2015 and thereafter.



Structure Description
Application of Fee
Single-Family Dwelling
Dwelling unit @ $1,637/DU
Multi-Family Dwelling
Dwelling units @ $1,150/DU
Accredited Public Education
Exempt from RTMF
GovernmentExempt from RTMF
Square feet @ $1.61
Square feet @ $0.89
Light Industrial
Square feet @ $0.32
Heavy Industrial
Square feet @ $0.07
Other Non-Residential
Square feet @ $0.28
Processing Fee 
$25 per application


Rates for low-income housing are applicable to the fee, verification documentation required, mobile manufactured homes qualify for low-income fee reduction. Contact RTMF Staff for additional details: 559-233-4148



Measure C Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee Board Meetings

The RTMF Board meets as needed on the fourth Thursday of each month following the Fresno COG Policy Board Meetings. Agendas are posted in pdf format and the beginning of the Fresno COG Policy Board agendas at this location on the web.


  • No upcoming agendas. Past agendas can be found on our agenda site.



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