Telecommute Surveys for Employer and Employees

Telecommute Surveys for Employer and Employees

Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) is conducting a telecommute survey to assess the rate of telecommuting in Fresno County as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The results gathered will help provide some basis for the vehicle miles travelled (VMT) and greenhouse gases (GHG) reduction quantification of a telecommute strategy, which will be applied in Fresno COG’s 2022 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS). Increased telecommuting long-term may lead to reduced VMT and GHG emissions, relieve congestion, and help the region meet air quality goals. We need your help in gathering information. 

Fresno COG has released surveys for employers and employees throughout Fresno County and will be accepting responses through December 18th.Surveys can be provided in various languages as needed. Below you will find the link to both the employee and employer surveys.

Employee Telecommute Survey – (English)

Employer Telecommute Survey – (English)

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