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3/23/15 Bus service from Fresno to high sierra begins in summer Sequoia Kings Canyon and YARTs National Park Transit abc 30 news
1/17 & 19/15 Fresno Council of Governments to present revitalization project Ventrua/Kings Canyon Revitalization Project Fresno Bee
9/11/14 Local California officials look for aid on Capitol Hill  San Joaquin Valley Voice trip Fresno Bee
9/11/14 Local California officials look for aid on Capitol Hill San Joaquin Valley Voice trip Sacramento Bee
2/15/13 Project questions abound Planned developments vs. SCS The Fresno Bee
2/9/12 Transportation
Sec. LaHood talks high-speed rail in Fresno visit
High-Speed Rail The Fresno Bee
2/8/12 Rail Meeting Monday High-Speed Rail The Fresno Bee
2/1/12 Grant Fuels Kingsburg train depot remodeling Federal funding for Project The Fresno Bee
5/12/10 Fresno County awarded $55 million for highway work Measure C Regional Project:
Braided Ramp Project Funding
The Fresno Bee
5/6/10 Valley lobbies in D.C. for more funds
Valley Voice
The Fresno Bee
5/4/10 Fresno eyeing Measure C funds to scrap bridge
Measure C
The Fresno Bee
4/28/10 Selma gets graded on walking and cycling paths
Measure C PTIS
Selma Enterprise
4/16/10 Economy squeezes Fresno’s mass-transit plans
Bus Rapid Transit
The Fresno Bee
9/18/09 The fracture that never heals
Policy Board Representation
The Fresno Bee
08/16/09 Stimulus funds could ease freeway commute Measure C Regional Project–180 braided ramps The Fresno Bee
08/12/09 Reedley woman wins $1,000 in Measure C program
  The Business Journal Online
7/20/09 Stimulus funds spread far, wide in Valley Transportation project funding The Fresno Bee
6/18/09 Fresno council approves study of Veterans Blvd. Measure C Regional Program Project The Fresno Bee
3/7/08 Blueprint Group: No new citiies in Fresno County Blueprint Planning Process The Business Journal
2/12/08 Fresno County officials stand against Nunes’ call to end earmarks Washington D.C. One Voice Trip The Fresno Bee
1/6/08 Good planning crucial to Valley’s future quality of Life Blueprint Planning Process The Fresno Bee: Opinion
1/4/08 Blueprint planners look forward to implementation of smart growth Blueprint Planning Process The Business Journal
1/1/08 Challenges, opportunities confront Valley in 2008 Fresno County’s Challenges, Visions,Solutions The Fresno Bee: Opinion

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