Measure C 1987-2007

In November of 1986, the Fresno County voters passed a 1/2% sales tax increase (Measure C) by 57.6%. Measure C’s title and purpose as presented to the voters was “Improving Roads and Transportation in Fresno County.”

The Fresno County Transportation Authority, which was created by the Enabling Legislation, was authorized to impose the sales tax ordinance for a 20-year period. The collection of the tax began on July 1, 1987.

Measure C will result in implementation of the largest transportation public works project in Fresno County history. Current estimates are that the local tax, leveraged with State/Federal and other funds, will result in extensive highway construction for the County and an overall transportation program valued at over $1 billion.

The purpose of Measure C, improving the existing and proposed highway system of Fresno County , also offers the citizens and governmental entities of the County great opportunity. It provides for three unique things:

An opportunity for cooperative planning and implementation for the 20-year transportation needs of the County; An opportunity to build a system that can significantly meet the future needs of the County, and; An opportunity for local jurisdictions to have local transportation purpose funds immediately available to address some for their current needs.

The details of the Measure C program are described throughout the Annual Report listed below. The strength of the whole program is its flexibility, its emphasis on cooperative planning and implementation, and its policy of 25% of funds for local transportation purposes and 75% of funds for construction programs.

For more information regarding the current Measure C program go to – The Fresno County Transportation Authority’s updated website on Fresno County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation purposes.