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Incorporated 1948

Fast Facts for the City of Orange Cove


The Orange Cove City Council meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m.

COG Policy Board Representative

Title Name Email
Mayor Victor P. Lopez jvb@cityoforangecove.com
Mayor Pro Tem Diana Guerra Silva diana.guerra.silva@cityoforangecove.com
Councilmember Josie Cervantes josie.cervantes@cityoforangecove.com
City Attorney Tuttle and McCloskey danm@t-m-law.com
Finance Director Randall Uyeda ruyeda@cityoforangecove.com
Interim City Manager Rudy Hernandez rudy@cityoforangecove.com
City Clerk June V. Bracamontes jvb@cityoforangecove.com
Police Chief Marty Rivera marty.rivera@oc-pd.com
City Engineer Gary Horn


City of Orange Cove

Orange Cove was incorporated in 1948. The rural atmosphere is located on popular Highway 63 to Kings Canyon & Sequoia Parks. Pine Flat Lake/Dam is nearby. Situated at the edge of the Sierra Foothills, major crops are citrus, tree fruit & grapes. The Council encourages development: commercial, industrial & residential.

January 1, 2016 State of California Department of Finance Information
Population 9,220
Number of Housing Units 2,286
Vacancy Rate 9.4%
April 1, 2010 U.S. Census Information
Population 9,078 Age Distribution
Number of Housing Units 2,231 % under 5 years 12.5%
Vacancy Rate 7.31% % under 18 years 39.9%
Average Household Size 4.39 % 21 years and over 54.4%
% 55 years and over 12.2%
Race/Ethnic Distribution % 60 years and over 8.4%
White 5.0% % 65 years and over 5.7%
Hispanic 92.7% Median Age 23.6
Black 0.2%
American Indian & Alaskan Native 0.3% Occupied Housing Unit Tenure
Asian & Pacific Islander 0.9% Percent Owner-Occupied 43.2%
Other 0.8% Percent Renter-Occupied 56.8%
2011-2015 American Community Survey 
Median Family Income $25,030 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed High School or Equivalent 41.3%
Median Household Income $26,838 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed a Bachelor’s Degree 4.8%
Percent of Persons Below Poverty Level 53.0%
Percent of Children Under 18 Years of Age Below Poverty Level 70.4% Percent of Persons 5 Years of Age and Older Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home 76.0%

Form of Government:   
General Law Council – City Administrator

Local Newspaper:   Orange Cove Times, 1130 G. Street, Reedley, CA 93654

Phone:  638-2244     FAX:  638-5021

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