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Airport Land Use Commission of Fresno County

Airport Land Use Commission of Fresno County

The ALUC is in existence to protect the public health, safety, and welfare by ensuring that orderly development and prevention of excessive noise and safety hazards around public use airports is followed in accordance to state and local laws.

More information on the State Aeronautics Act.

The California Airport Land Use Handbook

ALUCs establish the policies on land uses around the airport, ensuring they are compatible with airport operations. This is done on an advisory basis. ALUCs also evaluate the compatibility of proposed local agency land use policy actions with the relevant provisions within the associated Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (CLUP). They review individual development projects to ensure they are within the noise and safety standards, in accordance with state laws and the CLUP, within the review area of influence of the airport the project is located in.


Fresno County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP)

The Fresno County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Update was adopted by the ALUC on December 3, 2018. The new plan became effective immediately. All requests for Findings of Consistency will be evaluated against this new plan. The following are the adopted documents:


Fresno County ALUCP (Part 1)

Fresno County ALUCP (Part 2)

Draft Amendment 1 to the Fresno County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) 

Released for public comment on November 6, 2021, Public hearing Monday, December 6, 2021 at 2 pm
The draft amendments will amend the plan to add development conditions in safety Zone 6 for uses whose primary purpose is to serve vulnerable occupants, including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.
NOTICE OF 30 day public review and public hearing (published in the Fresno Bee on Friday, November 5, 2021
Chapter 3: Compatibility Policies and Criteria, pages 6 & 7 of the document
Exhibits A-J – Airport Safety Zone Maps for each public use airport in Fresno County


Submitting items for ALUC Findings of Consistency:

All items to be placed on the agenda must be submitted to staff two weeks prior to each meeting. A project review form must accompany each submittal.

Fresno County ALUC Project Review Form


FAA’s 7460 Project Review

Proposing structures that could penetrate 14 CFR Part 77 surfaces must file Form 7460 with the FAA to determine if 7460 review is required. If so, you must file with the FAA at least 45 days prior to construction. FAA’s Notice Criteria Tool will assist in applying Part 77 Notice Criteria.


Upcoming ALUC meetings:

The Commission meets at 2:00 pm in the Fresno COG Sequoia Conference Room and/or via Zoom. Typically, the ALUC meets every other month. 

  • December 6, 2021



Chairman | Ron Duarte
Vice Chair | Position currently unfilled

NameDesignated PositionAppointed by
Ray RemyCommissioner (City Rep)City Selection Committee
VacantProxy (ALUC City Rep Chair) 
Robert BeckCommissioner (City Rep)City Selection Committee
Mary FastProxy (City Rep) 
Mark DavisCommissioner (Aviation Expert – Vice Chair)Selection Committee of Airport Managers
VacantProxy (Aviation Expert – Vice Chair) 
Bill DarnellCommissioner (Public-At-Large)Fresno County Airport Land Use Commission
John KrikorianProxy (Public-at-Large) 
Ron DuarteCommissioner (Aviation Expert – Chair)Selection Committee of Airport Managers
VacantProxy (Aviation Expert) 
Sal QuinteroCommissioner (County Rep)Fresno County Board of Supervisors
Ari MartinezProxy (County Rep) 
Nathan MagsigCommissioner (County Rep)Fresno County Board of Supervisors
Dwight KrollProxy (County Rep) 



ALUC Staff

Brenda Veenendaal | Administrative Services Manager and Public Information Officer
559.233.4148 Ext. 219

Braden Duran | Associate Regional Planner
559.233.4148 Ext. 217


Previous Land Use Compatibility Plans

The plans below are no longer valid. They have been replaced by the Fresno County ALUCP listed at the top of the page.


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