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Timely Implementation of TCMs
(June 2006 Presentation to Fresno COG Committees and Policy Board)


Future FTIP Procedures
(June 2006 )


Overview of Transportation Conformity
(December 2005 Presentation at Caltrans Workshop)


Air Quality: Transportation and Mobile Sources
(July 2005 Presentation to Measure C Steering Committee)


Trucks and Air Quality in the San Joaquin Valley
(June 2005 Presentation to Fresno COG Committees and Policy Board)

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2019 Fresno Regional Transportation Innovations Summit & Awards

October 23, 2019
– Save the Date!

The Summit is a joint production of Fresno State's Transportation Institute and Fresno Council of Governments, designed to provide an opportunity for hundreds of residents, professionals and stakeholders to become familiar with the latest in advanced, clean transportation technology through an up-close and personal experience. It also brings together businesses and individuals that have invested in cleaner transportation technology, to share their successes and challenges with the community.

Register for the Summit here!