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Fresno COG Legislative Advocacy Trips


2017 One Voice Washington D.C. - April 29-May 4, 2017


One Voice D.C. Steering Committee Meeting:  

February 7, 2017 Meeting Agenda

2017 Priority Submittals for Review - Combined Whitepapers, updated 7/7/17 at 2:30 pm

Priority Submittal Spreadsheet

2017 Annual Partnership Program for sponsorships


The Annual Fresno COG One Voice trip to Washington D.C. for elected officials, business leaders and staff is scheduled for April 29 - May 4, 2017.  This trip provides an opportunity for a delegation of local public and private representatives to expand upon the relationships with Congressional representatives and federal staff members, while advocating for legislative relief for priorities of regional significance. Delegates focus their efforts on bringing prosperity to Fresno County, and seeking potential short-term and long-term relief on matters that improve the Fresno County region such as transportation policy and mobility, economic development, water, education, public safety and other issues.  While on the One Voice trip to D.C. a number of meetings are held with the San Joaquin Valley Congressional delegation, Federal Agency leadership and staff, and White House staff. 


Staff held a One Voice kick-off meeting on Wednesday, January 12th at 3 p.m. with the One Voice steering committee. The  steering committee is typically made up of previous One Voice participants, those interested in attending the current year advocacy trip and member agency staff. We discussed the Call for Regional Priorities, and staff was given direction to refocus the priority request with a stronger emphasis on transportation and economic development issues and interests, while remaining open to carrying other priorities as we have in past efforts.


The Call for Projects was released on Monday, January 16, 2017, and closes on Thursday, February 2, 2017. Please see the attached Call for Projects letter and White Paper Submittal Template


Lastly, Fresno COG is seeking financial support for the 2017 One Voice advocacy effort as part of the 2017 Annual Partnership Program. Partnership/sponsorship questions should be directed to Brenda Veenendaal at or (559) 233-4148 ext. 219, and is available online at this link.


All participants attending the One Voice trip must complete a 2017 Fresno COG One Voice Participation Registration Form and a Participant Disclaimer and submit it with the $200 One Voice Participant Fee. Should a One Voice particpant wish to bring a family member or friend on the trip who will be participating in group dinners or functions, the guest should complete and submit a Guest Participation Form and a trip deposit fee of $150. The fee covers metro passes, any mid-week transportation or refreshment costs (should they attend meetings with you) and the Sunday evening group dinner. An itemized list of expenses and any unused deposit funds will be returned to the guest following the One Voice trip.  2017_One_Voice_Participant_Form.pdf


2017 One Voice D.C. Sponsors (To date)

Community Medical Centers

Townsend Public Affairs, Inc.


Omni Means



  • 2016 One Voice D.C.

  • During the One Voice kick-off meeting in late November, the One Voice steering committee recommended that all priorities from the previous year be updated and resubmitted if they are still relevant for review and consideration as well as any new regional priorities. In addition, we asked for priority submittals on regional issues communites or organizations are facing that they would like discussed at the federal level.  All of the priorities that were submitted were summarized and combined into one pdf file for review and approval by the One Voice Steering Committee on January 27, 2016 and the Fresno COG Policy Board on February 25, 2016. 


Below are links to the final meeting agenda, Simon & Co.'s meeting summaries, the Fruits of One Voice brochure, the 2016 Priority Summary brochure and a matrix of the 2016 One Voice DC follow-up items. A post-trip participant survey was emailed to each participant. The survey results will be provided to the Fresno COG Policy Board on May 26, 2016 for their review.


2016 One Voice D.C. Final Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summaries

2016 One Voice Summary Brochure

2016 Fruits of One Voice Brochure



White Papers priority submittals 


SPONSORSHIPS:  Fresno COG would like to thank our 2016 One Voice sponsors that help make this effort possible:





2015 One Voice Washington D.C. -- April 11 - 16, 2015

2015 One Voice D.C. Priorities Summary Brochure (includes list of approved priorities, delegates and their contact information) - printable.pdf file


2015 One Voice D.C. Press Release, 4/10/2015

White papers with attachments and maps for the priorities that were considered by the COG Policy Board for approval. 


Fresno COG would like to that our 2014 One Voice sponsors that help make this effort possible:

Hatch Mott MacDonald, Quad Knopf, Hospital Council of Northern & Central California, Granville Homes, Kleinfelder, Precision Civil Engineering, Quincy Engineering, Placeworks, VRPA Technologies and Parsons Brinckerhoffwith additional thanks to Fresno COG's member agencies who contribute local funds in support of the One Voice efforts. 


2014 Valley Voice to Washington D.C. - September 9-12, 2014

A thirty member delegation of elected officials and staff from througout the San Joaquin Valley will visit Washington D.C. to advocate for five valleywide priorities. 

View the 2014 Valley Voice Priorities, delegation list and legislative platform here.

Sacramento Bee news article, September 10, 2014:  Local California officials look for aid on Capitol Hill  


2014 One Voice Priorities Summary Brochure - pdf/printable


San Joaquin Valley Drought - Tracking the issues (One Voice follow-up)


2013 One Voice Washington D.C.: March 2-7

One Voice Washington D.C. Staff Trip Report

One Voice D.C. Regional Priorities Brochure (printable)


2012 One Voice Sacramento: March 21 & 22

2012 One Voice Washington D.C.:  February 25 to  March 1


2011 One Voice Washington D.C.: February 26 to March 3, 2011  


2010 One Voice Washington D.C.: CANCELLED due to snow storms in D.C.

Packets send back to legislators and staff in Washington D.C.  


2010 Sacramento One Voice:   • 2010 Advocacy Issues 


2009 One Voice Washington D.C. :   • Fresno COG 2009 One Voice Summary  

• Priority Projects     • Policy Issues 


2009 One Voice Sacramento:

2008 Valley Voices to Sacramento - March 13

2008 One Voice to Sacramento - March 10 - 11

2008 One Voice to Washington D.C. - February  
2007 One Voice Summary and 2008 Recommendations: pdf
2007 One Voice Trip to Sacramento:
March 12-14, 2007
2007 One Voice Trip to Washington D.C.: February 10-15, 2007
2006 One Voice Trip to Washington D.C.: February 12-16, 2006
2006 One Voice Trip to Sacramento: March 13-15, 2006
2005 One Voice Trip to Washington D.C.: February 13-16, 2005
2004 One Voice Trip to Washington D.C.: February 22-27, 2004


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