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Surface Transportation Block Grant Program

The Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) program provides flexible funding that localities may use for projects to preserve and improve conditions and performance on any Federal-aid highway, bridge and tunnel projects on any public road, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and transit capital projects, including intercity bus terminals. STBG promotes flexibility in local transportation decisions and provides flexible funding to best address regional and local transportation needs.


2019 STBG Information

STBG guidelines and applications packet will be presented to the Fresno COG Policy Board September 26, 2019 for approval.  Upon Policy Board approval the call for projects will be initiated.  For further information on eligible projects, submittal of applications or other questions related to the STBG program, please contact Jennifer Soliz at (559) 233-4148 ext. 223 or


2019 STBG Guidelines

2019 STBG Application Packet


2019 STBG Tentative Timeline


Programming subcommittee convenes to review scoring criteria and call information July – August 2019
Guidelines, criteria and application packet to TTC/PAC for approval September 13, 2019
Guidelines, criteria and application packet to COG Policy Board for adoption/initiates call for projects September 26, 2019
Call for Projects Workshop for member agencies October 2, 2019
Regional bid project submittals DUE December 6, 2019
STBG scoring committee convenes January 21, 2020
COG Policy Board approves recommended projects February 27, 2020
Lifeline project submittals DUE February 28, 2020
FTIP submittal to Caltrans October – December 2020



2017 STBG Information

2017 Awarded Projects

2017 STBG Guidelines and Application Packet


2019 Fresno Regional Transportation Innovations Summit & Awards

October 23, 2019
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The Summit is a joint production of Fresno State's Transportation Institute and Fresno Council of Governments, designed to provide an opportunity for hundreds of residents, professionals and stakeholders to become familiar with the latest in advanced, clean transportation technology through an up-close and personal experience. It also brings together businesses and individuals that have invested in cleaner transportation technology, to share their successes and challenges with the community.

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