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Fresno COG Legislative Advocacy Trips

2019 One Voice D.C. – May 4-9, 2019

“One Voice” focuses on a core group of regional projects and priorities around which the broadest group within the county can unite. The “One Voice” delegation advocates for funding programs crucial to regional projects that may collectively seek hundreds of millions of dollars through federal discretionary grant programs. Each year, Fresno COG’s One Voice delegation seeks funding sources for projects that appeal to federal decision-makers, and advocates for congressional and federal agency support during the competitive grant process. By advocating for policy and regulatory reform, Fresno COG “One Voice” has been responsible for legislation that today streamlines the way federal and state agencies work together. The program continues to help eliminate unnecessary procedures so that government agencies and the business community can work together seamlessly toward job creation for our communities.


2019 Delegation Listing

2019 Priorities Summary Brochure

One Voice efforts reap a considerable harvest:   Please take a moment to read about the “fruits” of One Voice advocacy trips over the last 17 years.


Our sincere thanks to the 2019 One Voice DC sponsors:


2018 One Voice D.C. – April 21-26, 2018


2018 Fresno COG One Voice D.C. Priorities Summary

2018 One Voice D.C. Delegate Listing

2017 One Voice D.C. – April 29 – May 4, 2017

2017 One Voice D.C. Priority Summary Brochure
2017 One Voice D.C. Priorities Listing with Speaker Assignments
2017 One Voice D.C. Sponsor Listing


2016 One Voice D.C. – April 16-21, 2016

2016 One Voice D.C. Final Meeting Agenda
Meeting Summaries
2016 One Voice Summary Brochure
2016 Fruits of One Voice Brochure

SPONSORSHIPS:  Fresno COG would like to thank our 2016 One Voice sponsors that help make this effort possible.

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2019 Fresno Regional Transportation Innovations Summit & Awards

October 23, 2019
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The Summit is a joint production of Fresno State's Transportation Institute and Fresno Council of Governments, designed to provide an opportunity for hundreds of residents, professionals and stakeholders to become familiar with the latest in advanced, clean transportation technology through an up-close and personal experience. It also brings together businesses and individuals that have invested in cleaner transportation technology, to share their successes and challenges with the community.

Register for the Summit here!