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Overall Work Program (OWP)

Fresno COG’s Overall Work Program (OWP)


About the OWP

The Overall Work Program (OWP) does two main things: 1) it describes and programs planning studies (along with any defined objectives, tasks, and deliverables), and 2) describes and programs the budgetary and staffing requirements for Fresno COG.  The OWP is a requirement for metropolitan transportation planning activities performed with Federal funds provided under 23 USC and 49 USC 53.


The OWP identifies transportation-related planning projects and studies (called work elements) undertaken by Fresno COG and its participating agencies. Often these studies are completed in order to investigate and better understand a specific transportation problem and to help define the best possible solution. Other studies included in the OWP address Federal planning requirements, such as the development of a Congestion Management Process, or monitoring the impact of projects on low-income and minority populations.


Current OWP

 FINAL 2019-20 Overall Work Program – adopted May 30, 2019


Past year’s Overall Work Programs

2018-19 Fresno COG Overall Work Program

2017-2018 Fresno COG Overall Work Program

2016-2017 Fresno COG Overall Work Program
2015-2016 Fresno COG Overall Work Program


Overall Work Program 2014-2015
2014-2015 OWP – Part 1, Pages 1-74 covering Work Elements up to #215
2014-2015 OWP – Part 2, Pages 75-144 covering Work Elements #220 to #950
2014-2015 OWP – Appendices
Resolution No 2014-06

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