Circuit Planner & Engineer Program

The Circuit Planner and Engineer Program is a free technical assistance program that Fresno COG provides to the small cities in Fresno County to assist with smaller transportation and smart-growth related projects and tasks that support the Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy or assist with other various roadblocks in delivery of projects.

The program is not intended to replace local contract planning and engineering staff, but help with smaller projects or obstacles so that local agency staff can remain focused on day-to-day duties and larger projects.

Past projects through the program have included intersection and corridor studies, bicycle and pedestrian plans, grant writing assistance, public outreach, zoning amendments, traffic and bike/ped counts, coordination with other entities such as Caltrans and LAFCo, as well as various land use studies.

CPE Program Flyer

SB 743 CEQA Guidance

The Circuit Planner developed a report to provide guidance to small cities for determining whether a project has a significant VMT impact and, if so, guidance for mitigating the impact. This document includes background on VMT impacts, a guide to determine if a project is exempt from CEQA or has a less than significant VMT impact, and available mitigation. Included in the appendix is a sample resolution for adopting CEQA VMT thresholds

FCOG CEQA VMT Thresholds for Small Cities 202202

Model Zoning Book

The Circuit Planner has drafted a Model Zoning Ordinance tailored to small cities in the San Joaquin Valley.

Model Zoning Book

Zoning Ordinance Assessment Tool

The Circuit Planner has developed an easy-to-use questionnaire to help determine which aspects of your jurisdiction’s zoning ordinance may benefit from an update to meet performance standards, State regulations, and best practices. At the end of the survey, you will be receive an email with your survey results and resources to consider. This tool is intended to provide a high-level assessment and resources and is not a substitute for professional or legal advice.

Access the tool here: Zoning Ordinance Assessment Tool

Contact Simran Jhutti at for more information or to discuss your project assistance needs.