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County of Fresno

When the Central Pacific Railroad reached Fresno County in 1872 it established the little town of Fresno on the broad treeless, empty plain. Soon farms began to spring up nearby raising mostly grain, hay and livestock. In 1873 Francis T. Eisen planted numerous varieties of grapes a few miles east of the new town planning a winery.

City of Clovis

Once home to ranchers, farmers, and the old mill at the end of Shaver Lake Flume, Clovis has become a community that provides a unique blend of rural and urban living. Clovis has achieved recognition as a “festival city” and celebrates Big Hat Days, the annual Clovis Rodeo and Parade, seasonal Farmer’s Market in Old Town Clovis, Clovisfest Music Festival, and Children’s Electric Christmas Parade.

City of Coalinga

City of Coalinga

In the late 1800s early settlements occurred in the Pleasant Valley upon the discovery of coal in Western Fresno County. Mule trains transported the coal to the transfer station to serve the Southern Pacific Railroad. Coaling Station A & B became the loading points for the railroad. Coalinga was derived from dropping station (Coaling Station A) from the name of this loading point.

City of Firebaugh

Incorporated in 1914, Firebaugh has grown from a “sheep shearing station and ferry crossing,” to a small agriculture based city. Before the railroad, the San Joaquin River was the major thoroughfare to upstream communities. The ferry was the major crossing for prospectors heading for gold country.

City of Fowler

In the early 1870’s, State Senator Thomas Fowler established a rail spur ten miles south of Fresno for shipping his cattle. In 1878 the first permanent structure was built by John S. Gentry. The City of Fowler was incorporated in 1908.

City of Fresno

Incorporated in 1885, Fresno has grown to a population of over 480,000. Originally a water stop for the Southern Pacific Railroad, Fresno soon became the AgriBusiness Capital of the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno is also the County seat of Fresno County. Fresno was blessed with vast water reserves and flat irrigatable land perfect for agriculture, especially grapes and cotton.

City of Huron

The City of Huron was founded in 1877 and incorporated in 1951. Huron lies in the San Joaquin Valley’s vast westside region. Huron is nine miles east of Interstate 5 (I5) and three miles south of Highway 198. Lassen Avenue (Highway 269) runs north and south through the city providing easy access for local produce to major markets.

City of Kerman

City of Kerman

Kerman is located just east of Fresno in the heart of Californias San Joaquin Valley.It is predominantly an agriculturally based economy, but is promoting business growth through the expansion of industrial development and through partnerships with Fresno County, the I-5 Business Development Corridor, the Economic Development Corporation serving Fresno County and the Regional Jobs Initiative (RJI).

City of Kingsburg

The history of Kingsburg is unique with its single ethnic origin. In the early 1870’s news of good farming, warm climate and free government land prompted two Swedish natives to settle in a Central Pacific Railroad (now Union Pacific) town called “Kings River Switch.”

City of Mendota

The Southern Pacific Railroad established a storage and switching facility in 1891 at the site of present day Mendota. However, the city was not incorporated until 1942.The wildlife refuge to the east of town is complemented by abundant croplands in all the surrounding area.

City of Orange Cove Seal

City of Orange Cove

Orange Cove was incorporated in 1948. The rural atmosphere is located on popular Highway 63 to Kings Canyon & Sequoia Parks. Pine Flat Lake/Dam is nearby. Situated at the edge of the Sierra Foothills, major crops are citrus, tree fruit & grapes. The Council encourages development: commercial, industrial & residential.

City of Parlier

Parlier was incorporated in 1921 and it is the center of the beautiful San Joaquin Valley in Fresno County. It is ideally situated about 200 miles north of Los Angeles and about the same distance south of San Francisco and Sacramento. Parlier is the center and 12 mile radial point for a service community area of over 100,000 people.


City of Reedley

Incorporated in 1913, Reedley, is an agricultural community in southeast Fresno County. The beautiful Kings River flows through the community and offers a variety of recreational opportunities for boating, fishing, skiing, rafting and swimming. More fresh fruit produce is grown and shipped from Reedley than from any other area of the world.

City of San Joaquin Seal

City of San Joaquin

The city of San Joaquin is a farming community located thirty miles west of Fresno and was incorporated on February 14, 1920. Cotton is the major commodity in the area, along with various other crops. San Joaquin will soon be a center link, as Manning Avenue now connects Highway 99 with Interstate 5. This connection will attract business and promote growth in the area.

City of Sanger

Founded over a hundred years ago as a saw mill and shipping point. Federal designation as the Nations Christmas Tree City gives Sanger a sense of pride truly second to none. A nationally recognized award-winning school district is a source of pride to the whole community.

City of Selma Seal

City of Selma

Selma began with the founding of the Valley View School district in 1880. In 1890 four farmers (J.D. Whitson, E.H. Tucker, George Otis and Monroe Snyder) formed a partnership, developed a townsite and began auctioning lots. The city of Selma was incorporated just three years later.