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Incorporated in 1914

Fast Facts for the City of Firebaugh


The Firebaugh City Council meets on the first and third Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

*COG Policy Board Representative


Title First Name Last Name Email Phone
Mayor Freddy Valdez fvaldez@firebaugh.org (559) 659-2043
Mayor Pro Tem Brady Jenkins bjenkins@firebaugh.org (559) 659-2043
Councilmember Elsa Lopez elopez@firebaugh.org (559) 659-2043
Councilmember Felipe Perez fperez@firebaugh.org (559) 659-2043
Councilmember Marcia Sablan msablan@firebaugh.org (559) 659-2043
City Manager Ben Gallegos benvador.gallegos@fcle.org (559) 659-2043
Executive Admin Asst/Deputy City Clerk Rita Lozano rlozano@firebaugh.org (559) 659-2043
Police Chief Sal Raygoza salvador.raygoza@fcle.org (559)659-5909
Fire Chief John Borboa firechief@ci.firebaugh.ca.us


Incorporated in 1914, Firebaugh has grown from a “sheep shearing station and ferry crossing,” to a small agriculture based city. Before the railroad, the San Joaquin River was the major thoroughfare to upstream communities. The ferry was the major crossing for prospectors heading for gold country.
Ferries were the only way to cross the river until the late 1800’s when the first bridges were built. The San Joaquin River played a major role in settling of the valley and Firebaugh is one of the oldest historical towns on the Westside.

January 1, 2015 State of California Department of Finance Information
Population 7,779
Number of Housing Units 2,135
Vacancy Rate 6.5%
April 1, 2010 U.S. Census Information
Population 7,549 Age Distribution
Number of Housing Units 2,096 % under 5 years 9.7%
Vacancy Rate 8.40% % under 18 years 36.0%
Average Household Size 3.93 % 21 years and over 58.4%
% 55 years and over 14.0%
Race/Ethnic Distribution % 60 years and over 9.7%
White 7.5% % 65 years and over 6.5%
Hispanic 91.2% Median Age 26.4
Black 0.3%
American Indian & Alaskan Native 0.2% Occupied Housing Unit Tenure
Asian & Pacific Islander 0.5% Percent Owner-Occupied 52.5%
Other 0.3% Percent Renter-Occupied 47.5%
2008-2012 U.S. Census American Community Survey
Median Family Income $30,218 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed High School or Equivalent 38.7%
Median Household Income $28,555 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed a Bachelor’s Degree 4.0%
Percent of Persons Below Poverty Level 34.8%
Percent of Children Under 18 Years of Age Below Poverty Level 44.4% Percent of Persons 5 Years of Age and Older Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home 83.7%

Form of Government:City Council Manager

Local Newspaper:
FirebaughMendota Journal
P.O. Box 336
681 S. Madera Avenue, Suite 109
Kerman, CA 93630
Phone: 559-846-6689
FAX: 559-846-8045

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