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The 2015 Fresno County Intelligent Transportation System Strategic Deployment Plan (ITS SDP) addresses the expanded realm of ITS in Fresno County and responds to specific recommendations and requirements to bring the Fresno COG into compliance with current ITS program standards (23 CFR 940) set by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for development of architecture and strategic plans as well as the Federal Transit Administration’s National ITS Architecture Policy on Transit Projects.  Furthermore, the SDP provides a vision for ITS, outlines a program of low, medium and high priority projects, identifies a funding strategy, and establishes a plan for managing, integrating, operating, and maintaining the ITS elements in the region that are to be implemented over a 20-year horizon.


2015 Fresno County Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategic Deployment Plan




The Fresno County ITS SDP is a critical component of a coherent plan to address the transportation needs of the county through ITS. As travel demand on the freeway and arterial system grows, there is an increasing need to improve the system through active management as opposed to just additional capacity. Similarly, there is an increasing need to apply technology to accelerate the efficiencies of the public transportation systems in the county. In recognition of this, Fresno COG and the various communities in the county continue to invest in intelligent transportation systems. The 2015 ITS SDP will ensure that these investments address important needs in Fresno County and bring the maximum benefit to residents and travelers.


What is ITS?

ITS is the use of electronics, communications, and computers in an integrated manner to improve the efficiency and safety of roadways and other modes of surface transportation. It offers non-traditional solutions to transportation problems and provides an alternative to new infrastructure.


What is a Regional ITS Architecture?

ITS Architecture provides a structured framework for deployment and integration. It helps to introduce and interconnect ITS services across the region and identifies “gaps” in systems and services. ITS Architecture also assists in the development of cooperative agreements.


ITS Architecture Database

Regional ITS Architecture Website

To request a change to the Regional ITS Architecture, download the Change Request Form and email in to


ITS Resources

The following links provide helpful resources for information on various aspects of ITS.


General ITS Topic Areas
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Rural ITS Toolbox


ITS Architecture and Standards: 
U.S. DOT ITS Standards, Home Page
National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Protocol (NTCIP)
National ITS Architecture



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