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Fresno COG Activity-Based Model Update Request for Proposal


As one of the 18 MPOs in California that are subject to Senate Bill (SB)375 for Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) development, Fresno COG is developing tools to address increasing interest in measuring impacts from compact and mixed-use development, active transportation, transit, pricing, etc. Fresno COG is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to update Fresno COG’s activity-based model (ABM) to better address such issues. The proposal is due on November 4, 2016.


Request for Proposals
Model Files and Documents
RFP Questions and Answers


Fresno COG Transportation Demand Model


Fresno COG MIP2 Model Documentation
Fresno COG MIP Model Description and Validation Report – January 2014
Fresno COG MIP Model Executive Summary – August 2012
Fresno COG MIP Model Documentation – August 2012
Fresno COG MIP Model Users Guide – August 2012
San Joaquin Valley Demographic Forecasts 2010-2050 – March 2012
2013 Inter-Agency Consultation Instructions for 2014 RTP – October 2013


Powerpoint Presentations on the new Fresno COG MIP Transportation Model
Model Steering Committee meeting 2-25-2014
Update on Fresno COG Modeling Activities – Mike Bitner
Population Projections and Envision Tomorrow – Kathy Chung, Seth Scott
The New Fresno COG MIP Transportation Model – Mike Wallace, Ferh & Peers


Traffic Counts
Fresno Regional Traffic Monitoring Report 1990 – 2002
Monitoring Report 2005 -2006
Monitoring Report 2007-2012


Model Steering Committee
Model Steering Committee – Meetings, Agendas, Minutes

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Fresno COG offices will be closed on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 in observance of Caesar Chavez Day.

Fresno COG Office Operations: Consistent with protocols being followed by state and local public agencies, in light of the COVID -19 crisis, beginning today March 19, 2020, the majority of Fresno COG staff will be telecommuting from home.

Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Collection: Fresno COG will continue to collect RTMF mitigation fees, however RTMF payments will only be collected on Monday and Tuesday until March 31st or until the COVID-19 situation is mitigated to a level deemed safe by public health officials.

Senior Taxi Scrip Program: Seniors who live in Fresno County will still be able to purchase senior taxi scrip via mail.