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Measure C Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

The TOD program was created in the 2006 Measure C Extension Plan. As recommended by the Measure C legislation, a TOD Technical Advisory Committee developed guidelines to provide guidance on the implementation of the TOD program. The TOD Program Guidelines were approved by the Fresno COG Policy Board and the Fresno Transportation Authority (FCTA) Board. A scoring committee membership was defined by the TOD Technical Advisory Committee and also approved by both Boards.
The TOD program will generate $16.9 million during the 20-year lifespan of the Measure C program based on the estimation in December 2012. It is estimated that the TOD program is accruing about $850,000 annually. There is $1,502,300 available in the program for the 12th funding cycle.
Please refer to the TOD program Guidelines for project eligibility and scoring criteria.

Measure C TOD Request for Proposals

Fresno County Mobility Hub Feasibility Study

Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) in partnership with Fresno Area Express (FAX), Clovis Transit, and Fresno County Rural Transit Agency (FCRTA) is requesting proposals from consultants to conduct a countywide Mobility Hub Feasibility Study.

This project aims to Study to develop and identify the first ever countywide feasible mobility hub locations within the urban and rural areas of the County, that can facilitate multi-modal transportation, such as e-bikes, e-scooters, carshare, and traditional public transit. The study will develop criteria for mobility hubs and implementation guidelines. Once the feasible locations have been identified, criteria will be applied to identify four specific locations at existing transit stops/stations – one each in Fresno, Clovis, the FCRTA service area, and an unincorporated community – to design mobility hub features at these places for future implementation. This study, through research, analysis, and public outreach, will develop the criteria needed to successfully identify and prioritize site locations for mobility hubs near exiting or planned transit in both the rural and urban areas.

The proposals are DUE by February 28, 2024, on Wednesday at 5 pm. For any questions, please contact either Simran Jhutti, or Jennifer Rodriguez,

Questions and Answers about the Mobility Hub Proposal 

2023-24 Fresno County Climate Resiliency Plan

Fresno Council of Governments is requesting proposals from consultants to develop a Fresno County Climate Resiliency Plan.

This project is a subsequent plan to the Fresno County Transportation Network Vulnerability Assessment (TNVA), which identified vulnerabilities to climate change in the region’s transportation network. The Climate Resiliency Plan will identify specific transportation improvement projects that address vulnerable transportation assets identified in the TNVA. A project-level climate hazard assessment will be conducted for the top five most vulnerable and critical projects.

The list of transportation improvement projects will become candidate projects for the 2026 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy. The plan will also assist member agencies in addressing vulnerable assets.

The proposals are DUE by February 28, 2024, on Wednesday at 5 pm. For any questions, please contact either Jennifer Rodriguez, or Simran Jhutti,

Appendix B – Project Timeline

Questions and Answers about the Climate Resiliency Plan

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