FCOG’s SB743 Regional Tools/Guidelines and VMT Mitigation

Final Reports

Fresno COG SB743 Implementation Technical Report March 2021
Fresno COG SB 743 Implementation Regional Guidelines January 2021
Fresno COG VMT Mitigation Study Final Report September 2023

Fresno COG VMT Analysis Guide

  • Click here to be taken to Fresno COG’s VMT analysis step-by-step guide
  • Click here to view Fresno COG’s VMT Screening Maps
  • Click here to access Fresno COG’s VMT Calculation Tool
  • Click here to view Fresno COG’s preferred modeling consultant list

Fresno COG SB743 Training Workshop

Our August 2020 SB743 Training Workshop is available to watch on YouTube. It covers the following topics:

  • Fresno COG SB743 Regional Guidelines Overview
  • VMT Analysis Process
  • Fresno COG Screening Tool Training
  • Fresno COG VMT Calculator Tool Training
  • Fresno COG VMT Mitigations Overview
  • Q&A

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