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SB743 Regional Guidelines Development

In order to help the region with the implementation of SB 743, Fresno COG has taken the lead role in developing SB 743 regional guidelines, which can be adapted by local governments for their needs and purposes. SB 743 will take full effect on July 1, 2020, and will have profound impacts on how local governments and other lead agencies approve their development projects during the CEQA process. Objectives of the program include:


  • Develop screening criteria
  • Recommend Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) threshold
  • Recommend a metric and threshold for transportation projects
  • Develop a VMT calculation tool that will be hosted on Fresno COG’s website
  • Identify VMT mitigation measures
  • Recommend VMT threshold for plans.


This project will wrap up in the Summer of 2020, this page will be continually updated with the latest information from this project.



Project Documents


Project Team Kick-off meeting August 29,2019:


Project Team meeting October 28, 2019


Project Team meeting November 20, 2019


Project Team meeting January 30, 2020


Project Team meeting February 27, 2020


Project Team meeting April 7, 2020

  • Minutes coming soon


Technical Guidance and Fresno County VMT Calculation Tool Coming Soon



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For more information concerning this project, contact Kristine Cai at or (559) 233-4148 x 215 or

Braden Duran at or (559) 233-4148 x 217


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