VMT Analysis

Welcome to Fresno COG’s VMT analysis guide

This website will guide you through the steps of analyzing a development project for VMT impacts. Below are some critical resources that will be useful to have on hand as you go through this process:

  • Fresno COG SB 743 Regional Guidelines. These contain detailed guidelines for VMT analysis in Fresno County. Click here to view the report.
  • Project Screening Map. This interactive map allows you to see if your project’s location makes it eligible for exemption from VMT analysis. Click here to view the map.
  • VMT Calculation Tool. This Excel tool can be used to analyze the VMT impacts of smaller projects. Click here to access this tool.

The first step is to contact the appropriate agency to initialize discussion about this project. You will need the following pertinent information from the agency regarding their VMT policies for new developments:

  • VMT Threshold(s). Each jurisdiction sets VMT thresholds for each project type. Both the threshold and the specific VMT-related metric to be measured depends on the project type (e.g. residential, office, retail, other) as well as the policies of the applicable jurisdiction. Developers must provide evidence that the proposed project generates VMT below the appropriate threshold in order to comply with SB743.
  • Screening Criteria. Projects that satisfy certain criteria (e.g. project size, location, development type, etc) may be eligible for screening. Projects that have been screened out are considered to have a less than significant impact on regional VMT without having to perform VMT analysis. Each jurisdiction sets its own policies for which projects are eligible for screening.
  • Affordable Housing Policies. Projects that satisfy certain standards for affordable housing may be eligible for screening. These policies are specific to each jurisdiction.
  • Public Facility and Government Entity Use Policies. Projects that are for certain public or government uses may be eligible for screening, depending on the policies of the jurisdiction.
  • Other Policies Relevant to SB743. Jurisdictions may have additional, unique policies regarding SB743 application.

Once you have initiated this project with the appropriate agency and have determined the appropriate policies related to your project, you are ready to begin analysis.

I am ready to start analysis on the project.