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Regional Transportation Plan Public Outreach $10,000 “Mini Grants” Applications Due by July 8,2024

The Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) is seeking assistance from community organizations, schools, agencies, businesses, and community groups to conduct public outreach during key phases of the 2026 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Update and the Sustainable Communities Strategy Scenarios within it. Fresno COG will provide mini grants for up to $10,000 each to five or more organizations with existing community contacts. Successful applicants will reach out to residents of the Fresno County region, include them in the RTP and SCS transportation planning process via in person and/or online participation to obtain defined input. This program is designed to ensure that input is received from a diverse and extensive number of Fresno County residents throughout the region.

RTP Mini Grant Application – Due July 8 by 5 pm

2025 FTIP

Draft 2025 FTIP Update

Fresno Council of Governments released the following documents for 30-day public review and comment from May 31 to June 30, 2024. A public hearing will be held on June 12, 2024, at 5:30 p.m. in person at the Fresno COG Sequoia Room 2035 Tulare Street, Suite 201, Fresno, CA 93721 and/or via Zoom Webinar to receive public comments:

  • The Draft 2025 FTIP is a near-term listing of capital improvement and operational expenditures utilizing federal and state monies for transportation projects in Fresno County during the next four years.
  • The Draft 2022 RTP (Amendment #4- Appendix F) is a long-term strategy to meet Fresno County transportation needs out to the year 2046. Amendment No. 4 is necessary to reflect funding, open to traffic date, and scope changes to regionally significant, capacity increasing projects.
  • The Draft Corresponding Conformity Analysis contains the documentation to support a finding that the 2025 FTIP and 2022 RTP Amendment No. 4 meet the air quality conformity requirements for ozone and particulate matter.

After considering the comments, the documents will be considered for adoption, by resolution, by the Fresno Council of Governments at a regularly scheduled meeting to be held at 5:30 pm on July 25, 2024.  The documents will then be submitted to state and federal agencies for approval.

Contact Ofelia Abundez at or call 559-233-4148 with any questions. 

Fresno COG’s Draft 2024 Public Participation Plan

Released for 45-day Public Review and Comment, May 17 – June 30, 2024

Draft 2024 Fresno COG Public Participation Plan

View the Public Notice, published May 17, 2024:  English   Spanish

The Public Participation Plan (PPP) identifies opportunities for the public to participate in Fresno COG’s planning processes and provides the Fresno COG Policy Board and staff with guidance on conducting public outreach and interagency consultation early and often during the regional planning process. It contains policies, guidelines, processes, and procedures Fresno COG commits to implementing while seeking and fostering open public involvement during the decision-making process, regarding all matters within its discretion. 

Public Hearing: June 27, 2024 at the Fresno COG Policy Board Meeting, 5:30 pm

Planned adoption: July 25, 2024

Contact Brenda Thomas with comments or questions at 559-233-4148 or email

2026 Regional Transportation Plan Roundtable Positions Now Available – Apply Today!

Applications are due by June 5, 2024

The Roundtable’s first meeting will be held June 26 at 2 pm (Hybrid meeting, attend virtually or in person)

As Fresno COG embarks on the 2026 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) update, it is once again time to form the RTP Roundtable. The RTP Roundtable supports the Fresno COG staff and COG standing committees and Policy Board during the development and preparation of Fresno COG’s 2026 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS). They act in an advisory capacity to the Fresno COG Policy Board, providing expertise and generating consensus on RTP/SCS development issues.

There are 40 positions that must be filled, 16 seats that allow for one staff person from each member agency (to be appointed by each city and county), 21 seats open to a variety of agencies and interest groups, and three “public-at-large” seats.

Fresno COG is accepting applications from representatives with expertise in the following areas:

  • Active Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Affordable Housing
  • Building/Development
  • Business
  • Community Based Organization
  • Education
  • Environment/ Conservation
  • Goods Movement
  • New Technology
  • Public Health
  • Urban Public Transit
  • Rural Public Transit
  • Tribal Governments
  • Utilities
  • Water Agency
  • Public-at-Large** (3 seats) **(Must demonstrate clear representation of the Fresno County region as-a-whole rather than subset or interest group.)

View the complete list of 2026 RTP Roundtable positions

Environmental Justice (EJ) Subcommittee

The Environmental Justice (EJ) Subcommittee serves Fresno COG’s Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) by assisting staff in setting environmental justice population thresholds for the RTP’s Environmental Justice Report. The EJ Subcommittee will also appoint one member to sit on the RTP Roundtable during the RTP update. There are 13 positions on the EJ Subcommittee that must be filled, which include four seats from urban, rural, and the County member agencies, and nine seats for representatives from a diverse group of designated EJ populations. Applications are due by June 12, 2024.

The first meeting of the EJ Subcommittee will be held on Wednesday, July 10 at 2pm.

View and download the EJ Subcommittee Application

Unmet Transit Needs Assessment Draft Report

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Fresno COG must determine the amount of funds available from the TDA Local Transportation Fund (LTF) for allocation to local agencies within Fresno County. Allocations are made in four categories: Bicycle and pedestrian facilities, social service transportation, regional transportation planning, and public transportation. In certain cases, funding from the public transportation category can be applied to local streets and roads in individual jurisdictions if a finding has been made that there are no unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet within the jurisdiction; however, public transit must be given priority. As a result, prior to allocating LTF funds for any use other than public transit in the public transportation category, the Fresno COG must identify any unmet public transit needs that may exist in Fresno County that are reasonable to meet.  The Unmet Transit Needs Assessment process is conducted to identify any unmet transit needs and make any related findings.  View the 2024 Draft Report

For Your Information:

Fresno COG’s 2020 Public Participation Plan:

The PPP is a plan intended to give Fresno COG’s Policy Board and staff guidance in providing for public involvement and interagency consultation early and often during the regional planning process. It contains policies, guidelines, processes and procedures Fresno COG commits to implementing while seeking and fostering open public involvement during the decision-making process, regarding all matters within discretion. The PPP also identifies opportunities to be involved in the metropolitan transportation planning process.

Comment/question email address: 

If you are unsure of whom to contact at Fresno COG regarding programs, projects or COG meetings, you may email staff at Your communication will be routed to the appropriate staff member and responded to promptly.

Get involved through public meetings:

Fresno COG’s standing or advisory boards, committees and commissions offer an excellent opportunity for expanding public participation opportunities during the transportation planning process. This is accomplished not only by active membership but by presentations made before them and attendance at the open meetings. Find out more about each group, who staffs them and how to get involved with the work they are doing by viewing our committees page which includes links to the meeting agendas at

Fresno COG’s notice to the public regarding Title VI

Notifying the Public of Rights Under Title VI – In English and Spanish

  • Fresno Council of Governments operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Any person who believes she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint with the Fresno Council of Governments.
  • Fresno Council of Governments opera sus programas y servicios sin distinción de raza, color y origen nacional, de conformidad con el Título VI del Acta de Derechos Civiles. Cualquier persona que cree o que ha sido perjudicada por una práctica discriminatoria ilegal bajo el Título VI, puede presentar una queja con Fresno Council of Governments.

For more information on Fresno Council of Governments civil rights program, and the procedures to file a complaint, contact 559-233-4148; email; or visit our website at (click on “About COG” then the “Get Involved” tab)

A complaint may be filed directly with the Federal Transit administration by filing a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights, Attention: Title VI Program Coordinator, East Building, 5th Floor – TCR, 1200 New Jersey Ave., SE, Washington, DC 20590.

  • If information is needed in another language, contact 559-233-4148.
  • Si se necesita información en otro idioma, comuníquese con 559-233-4148.
    (This notice is posted in the Fresno COG reception area and meeting rooms.)

Fresno COG has in place a Title VI Complaint Procedure, which outlines a process for local disposition of Title VI complaints and is consistent with guidelines found in Chapter VII of the Federal Transit Administration Circular 4702.1, dated May 26, 1988.