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What Is Measure C?

The Fresno County Voters passed an extension to the Measure C program in November 2006, continuing and half cent sales tax for transportation purposes. Much of the planning and implementation of the Measure C Program is done by Fresno COG staff, while the agency responsible for overseeing the implementation of Measure C is the Fresno County Transportation Authority (FCTA). The FCTA’s website is


Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan (as passed by the voters November 2006)


Measure C Renewal

Measure C Renewal Expenditure Plan  – Draft plan and related documents


Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan Amendments

Amendment #1 to the Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan
Amendment #2
Amendment #3 resolution language 

Amendment #4:

Amendment #5:


Implementing the Measure:

Measure C Strategic Implementation Handbook


Measure C Oversight Committee:

Citizen Oversight Committee


Measure C Programs:

Carpool Incentive Program – links directly to Fresno COG’s ridesharing website at
Commuter Vanpool Subsidy Program
Farmworker/Ag Vanpool Subsidy Program

New Technology Reserve Fund
Public Transportation Infrastructure Study
Regional Transportation Program
Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee
Senior (Taxi) Scrip Program
Transit Oriented Development


Current Measure C Projects:

Veteran’s Boulevard 

Golden State Boulevard

Measure C Background Information:

Developing the Measure C Extension Plan: 2007-2027   Click here
Measure C: 1987-2007   Click here