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What Is Measure C?


The Fresno County Voters passed an extension to the Measure C program in November 2006, continuing and half cent sales tax for transportation purposes. Much of the planning and implementation of the Measure C Program is done by Fresno COG staff, while the agency responsible for overseeing the implementation of Measure C is the Fresno County Transportation Authority (FCTA). The FCTA’s website is


Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan (as passed by the voters November 2006)


Measure C Amendments


Amendment #1 to the Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan
Amendment #2
Amendment #3 resolution language 

Amendment #4:

Amendment #5:


Handbooks for Implementing the Measure:

Measure C Strategic Implementation Handbook


Measure C Oversight Committee:

Citizen Oversight Committee 


Current Measure C Projects:

Veteran’s Boulevard 

Golden State Boulevard


Measure C Programs:

Carpool Incentive Program – links directly to Fresno COG’s ridesharing website at
Commuter Vanpool Subsidy Program
Farmworker/Ag Vanpool Subsidy Program

New Technology Reserve Fund
Public Transportation Infrastructure Study
Regional Transportation Program
Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee
Senior (Taxi) Scrip Program
Transit Oriented Development


Measure C Background Information:

Developing the Measure C Extension Plan: 2007-2027   Click here
Measure C: 1987-2007   Click here

Fresno COG Office Operations: Consistent with protocols being followed by state and local public agencies regarding the COVID-19 crisis, the majority of Fresno COG staff are telecommuting from home. For a Fresno COG staff email directory click here.

Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Collection: Fresno COG will continue to collect RTMF mitigation fees on Mondays and Tuesdays from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm only, until the COVID-19 situation has been mitigated to a level deemed safe by public health officials.

Measure C Senior Scrip Program: Seniors who live in Fresno County will still be able to purchase paper senior scrip for taxi usage and electronic scrip for Uber and Lyft rides by mail order. Click HereClick Here for mail order information.