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Measure C New Technology Reserve Fund


The Fresno County Voters passed an extension to the Measure C program in November 2006, continuing a half cent sales tax for transportation purposes. Much of the planning and implementation of the Measure C Program is done by Fresno COG staff, while the agency responsible for overseeing the implementation of Measure C is the Fresno County Transportation Authority (FCTA).


Measure C New Technology Reserve Grant Program Application 

Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) and the Fresno County Transportation Authority (FCTA)  fund projects of regional significance in the areas of research, development, demonstration, and deployment that will advance public transit and transportation. This program is funded by Measure “C”, Fresno County’s ½ cent transportation sales tax.  Up to $6.4 million was available through the second cycle of the Measure “C” New Technology Reserve Program.


The following 2018 Measure C New Technology Projects were awarded funding:

City of Clovis – Electric Bus Pilot Project

City of Fresno – Fresno City College Advanced Propulsion Systems Training

City of Fresno – FAX Microtransit

City of Fresno – ITS Dynamic Downtown

Fresno County Rural Transit Agency – Rural Electric Vehicle Utilization Project


Developing the New Technology Reserve Fund Program:


This first cycle of the Measure C New Technology Reserve Program made up to $10 million available for eligible new technology projects/programs.  Five projects were awarded totaling $8,023,594.  For a list of the projects funded, please click HERE.  Subsequent cycles will be biennial and will make approximately $2.8 million available plus any funds not allocated from the previous cycles, if applicable.  It is expected that up to $30 million will be made available through 2027 to fund advanced transit and transportation new technologies.  The 2018 award cycle will make $6.4 million available.


Background on development of the program:


The Measure C New Technology Committee first met on January 28, 2015 to discuss the Measure C New Technology Reserve Subprogram.  The first meeting provided an overview of the Measure C program and detailed information on the funding availability for the New Technology Program.  The second committee meeting was held on March 25th where the recommendation and direction to staff was to assemble a workgroup that would focus on developing and recommending specific goals for the program, develop scope and criteria for the solicitation and project selection process, and develop a draft timeline for distribution of the funds.  The workgroup was made up of Fresno COG staff, industry, academia, public, and transit members. Seven meetings were held throughout the summer from May through September.

With the assistance of the workgroup, Fresno COG staff drafted a grant application with scoring criteria in effort to solicit projects and programs for the New Technology Grant Program and presented it to the subcommittee for their review and recommendation. The Draft application with scoring criteria was included in the TTC/PAC and Policy Board meeting agendas during the month of October.  A public meeting was held on Tuesday, October 27th at 2pm in the Sequoia Room for all interested individuals in effort to receive further input on the draft application and scoring criteria.  The meeting provided an overview of the activities of the working sub-group and an in-depth review of the New Technology Grant Program Application, Scoring Criteria and Detailed Timelines.  Members suggested minor changes to the document and staff were then incorporated into the Final Application.



Measure C New Technology Multidisciplinary Advisory Group


A 12-member Measure C New Technology Multidisciplinary Advisory Group (New Tech MAG) will be established for purposes of reviewing, evaluating, scoring and recommending projects for funding as directed by the Fresno COG Policy Board and the Fresno County Transportation Authority Board. While the New Tech MAG will make advisory recommendations to the Fresno COG Policy Board and Fresno County Transportation Authority, the final funding decisions lie in the hands of the two agency boards.


Seven positions will be appointed by the agencies or committee identified below:

  • City of Fresno
  • City of Clovis
  • East-side City
  • West-side City
  • County of Fresno
  • Fresno County Transportation Authority
  • Measure C Oversight Committee

Five positions are accepting applications to sit on the MAG.  The MAG application can be found HERE

  • Business
  • Education
  • Transit
  • 2 Public Members



Contact Fresno COG staff member Peggy Arnest with any questions about this program at

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