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Tony Boren | Executive Director
Email: | Voice Mail: 204

Administration & management of agency budget and staff. Includes program & policy development, intergovernmental relations, supervision/control of all work activities, etc. Measure C implementation, California Transportation Commission. May be contacted on any and all COG assignments.

Robert Phipps | Deputy Director
Email: Robert Phipps | Voice Mail: 559-233-4148 ext. 210

Kristine Cai | Deputy Director
Email: | Voice Mail: 215

Administration & management of Modeling and Forecasting staff planning functions. Transportation, Land Use and Air Quality Modeling, SB 375 implementation, GIS, Measure C TOD program, Congestion Management Program, Transportation Needs Assessment, Transportation Performance Management, and SB 743

Brenda Veenendaal | Administrative Services Manager, Public Information Officer
Email: | Voice Mail: 219

Administration & management of Fresno COG’s administrative support staff, Measure C program staff and one staff member residing at Fresno Area Express. Responsible for public Information/outreach, Fresno COG website, media relations, computer graphics design support and printing. Staffs the Measure C Citizen Oversight Committee and the Fresno County Airport Land Use Commission.  Assists with One Voice and Valley Voice advocacy trip efforts.

Kai Han | Senior Regional Planner
Email: | Voice Mail: 206

Traffic Modeling, Conformity Modeling, GIS, SB 375, Traffic counts and monitoring report. Computer hardware and software support, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Peggy Arnest | Senior Regional Planner
Email: | Voice Mail: 241

Golden State Corridor Economic Development Infrastructure Improvement, Active Transportation, YARTS, Measure C New Technology Reserve Subprogram, JARC/New Freedom and 5310 grant programs, Blackstone/Shaw Activity Center Study, Better Blackstone Design Challenge, County Trails Master Plan Update, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Program.

Seth Scott | GIS Specialist
Email: | Voice Mail: 243

GIS/Mapping, Data Support, Database Administration, Demographics, land use modeling, ITHIM, Transportation Performance Management, and General Support (Sustainable Communities Strategy, Environmental Justice, Regional Traffic Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Program, Vanpool Program, etc.)

Suzanne Martinez | Associate Regional Planner
Email: | Voice Mail: 240

Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) and Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) maintenance and programming, FresnoTrak administration and technical support to member agencies, Regional Surface Transportation Program Coordinator, Freeway Service Patrol, Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program (AVA).

Lang Yu | Associate Regional Planner
Email: | Voice Mail: 202

Congestion Management Program, Fresno Regional Data Center and U.S. Census Bureau Affiliate Office, Caltrans Planning Grant, GIS Mapping, Transportation and Land Use Modeling, Traffic Impact Study, Transportation Performance Management.

Trai Her-Cole | Associate Regional Planner
Email: | Voice Mail: 205

Legislative analyst, monthly legislative report, Valley Legislative Affairs Committee 2017 Vice Chair (Incoming 2018 Chair), One Voice and Valley Voice advocacy lobbying efforts. Environmental Justice Subcommittee, Tribal Coordinator, Regional Transportation Plan Roundtable, Transit Oriented Development Subcommittee, San Joaquin Valley Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities Technical Assistance Team, Chamber of Commerce GAC, Volkswagen Green Cities Implementation, Green Raiteros and Shared Mobility Roadmap.

Jennifer Soliz | Associate Regional Planner
Email: | Voice Mail: 223

Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) and Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) maintenance and programming, Regional Active Transportation Plan support, RSTP Call for Projects Coordinator, Active Transportation Program assistance, Grant Tracking, and Clearinghouse.

Meg Prince | Associate Regional Planner
Email: | Voice Mail: 203

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) support staff, Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) and Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Element Process, Environmental Analysis, Public Outreach, San Joaquin Valley Blueprint, Sustainable Communities (Proposition 84 and Cap and Trade Funding), Circuit Planning/Engineering support, and Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) support.

Santosh Bhattarai  | Associate Regional Planner
Email: | Voice Mail: 214

Travel Demand Modeling, Transportation Data Analysis, Traffic Impact Study, GIS Mapping, Transportation System Performance, Transportation and Land Use Modeling, Land Use and Environmental Impacts

Braden Duran | Assistant Regional Planner
Email: | Voice Mail: 217

CMAQ Program Administration, Transportation Conformity , Criteria Air Pollutants (State And Federal Standards), Liaison To State, Federal, and Local Air Quality Agencies, PM 2.5 Hot-Spot Assessments/Analyses, Statewide Transportation Conformity Working Group, San Joaquin Valley Interagency Consultation Group, Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Support ,and Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) Support

Donna Blocker | Measure C Administrative Marketing Assistant
Email: | Voice Mail: 207

Measure C Carpool Incentive Program implementation.  Public Outreach for the Measure C Rideshare and Taxi Scrip Programs and website and application coordination. Project manager for the Annual Measure C Carpool giveaway as well as monthly and additional incentive awards.

Esperanza Velazco | Measure C Rideshare Technician
Email: | Voice Mail: 216

Fresno COG’s Valleyrides Program implementation, Program manager for the Measure C Taxi Scrip Program and Commuter Vanpool and Agricultural Worker Subsidy Programs. Measure C Carpool/Vanpool Incentive Program, Measure C Citizen Oversight Committee, the San Joaquin Valley Rural Transit Alternatives Project and the Regional Traffic Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Program support.

Les Beshears | Finance Director
Email: | Voice Mail: 209

Administration, budget, accounting, finance, management of accounting staff, Freeway Service Patrol.

Toni Graham | Accounting Manager
Email: | Phone: 201

Billing, assist Finance Director, TDA accounting, personnel records, Regional Traffic Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Program, and Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) accounting.

Lisa Xiong | Assistant Accounting Manager
Email: | Voice Mail: 208

Regional Traffic Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Program, assist Accounting Manager, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable.

Jeaneen Cervantes | Office Administrator
Email: | Voice Mail: 222

Assist management/agency staff with special projects and manage all office duties. Serve as secretary to TTC, PAC and COG Policy Board and FCRTA Board.  Create and distribute all agendas, meeting minutes and packets.  Regional Transportation Plan and Overall Work Program support.

Stephanie Maxwell | Receptionist
Email: | Voice Mail: 200

Receptionist, support to staff, minutes for various meetings, Regional Clearinghouse, office supplies and materials inventory, filing, copying, phones, mail & other general office duties. Maintains master mailing lists and data base.

Jeff Long | Senior Regional Planner, Fresno Area Express (FAX)
Email: | Phone: 559-621-1436

Regional public transportation planning and coordination, National Transit Database Reporting, Transit Productivity Report, Short Range Transit Plan, Title VI Reporting, Staff SSTAC and Conduct Unmet Transit Needs Process, JARC/New Freedom implementation, and public outreach.

Todd Sobrado | Marketing/Planning Coordinator, Fresno Area Express (FAX)
Email: | Phone: 559-621-1532

Marketing, website and public outreach for Fresno Area Express.

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