VMT Screening

Step 1: Initial Screening

The first step is to determine if your project can be screened out. Project screening criteria are detailed in the Fresno COG SB 743 Regional Guidelines. Your project is considered less than significant to countywide VMT if it satisfies any of the following:

  • Project is in a high-quality transit area. To be eligible, a project must be consistent with the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)/SCS, have a floor area ratio (FAR) greater than 0.75, not provide an excessive amount of parking, and must not reduce the number of affordable residential units. You can view the map in the report, or use the interactive screening map to see if your project is located in this area.
  • Project is located in a low-VMT zone (residential and office projects only). Check the interactive screening map. Keep in mind that the low VMT zones vary depending on whether your project is residential or office, whether the appropriate jurisdiction is using a 13% or 15% threshold, and whether the jurisdiction is using city limits or the County as the region for purposes of VMT analysis.
  • Project consists only of local-serving retail less than 50,000 sqft.
  • Project is a low trip generator (i.e. less than 500 daily trips generated).
  • Project has a high level of affordable housing units (as defined by local government).
  • Project is institutional/government and/or public service uses (as defined by local government).

My project satisfies one or more of the criteria listed above.

My project does not satisfy any of the criteria above.

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