City of Fresno

Incorporated 1885

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2600 Fresno St., Fresno, Ca 93721



The Fresno City Council meets each Thursday beginning at 8:30 a.m.

*COG Policy Board Representative

MayorJerry Dyer*
Vice President District 1Annalisa
Councilmember District 2Mike
Councilmember District 3Miguel
Councilmember District 4Tyler
Councilmember District 5Luis
Councilmember District 6Garry
Councilmember District 7Nelson
City ManagerGeorgeanne
Assistant City Manager/Director of TransportationGregory
Assistant City ManagerTJ
Assistant City ManagerRuth
Deputy City ManagerAlma
Deputy City ManagerJennifer
City Clerk  
Executive Assistant to City the City ManagerToni
Police ChiefPaco
Assistant Director of TransportationCarolina



Incorporated in 1885, Fresno has grown to a population of over 480,000. Originally a water stop for the Southern Pacific Railroad, Fresno soon became the AgriBusiness Capital of the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno is also the County seat of Fresno County. Fresno was blessed with vast water reserves and flat irrigatable land perfect for agriculture, especially grapes and cotton.

Form of Government:Strong Mayor Council Manager Charter City

Local Newspaper:       The Fresno Bee, 1626 E Street, Fresno, California 93786.

Phone: 441-6111               Website: