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Incorporated in 1885

Fast Facts for the City of Fresno


The Fresno City Council meets each Thursday beginning at 8:30 a.m.

*COG Policy Board Representative

Office Title Name Email
Mayor *Lee Brand lee.brand@fresno.gov
District 1 Councilmember Esmeralda Soria esmeralda.soria@fresno.gov
District 2 Councilmember Vacant
District 3 Councilmember Miguel Arias miguel.arias@fresno.gov
District 4 Councilmember Paul Caprioglio paul.capriogolio@fresno.gov
District 5 Councilmember Luis Chavez luis.chavez@fresno.gov
District 6 Councilmember Garry Bredefeld garry.bredefeld@fresno.gov
District 7 Councilmember Nelson Esparza nelson.esparza@fresno.gov
City Manager Wilma Quan wilma.quan@fresno.gov
City Clerk Yvonne Spence yvonne.spence@fresno.gov


Incorporated in 1885, Fresno has grown to a population of over 480,000. Originally a water stop for the Southern Pacific Railroad, Fresno soon became the AgriBusiness Capital of the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno is also the County seat of Fresno County. Fresno was blessed with vast water reserves and flat irrigatable land perfect for agriculture, especially grapes and cotton.

January 1, 2015 State of California Department of Finance Information
Population 520,159
Number of Housing Units 176,915
Vacancy Rate 4.4%
April 1, 2010 U.S. Census Information
Population 494,665 Age Distribution
Number of Housing Units 171,288 % under 5 years 8.9%
Vacancy Rate 7.55% % under 18 years 30.1%
Average Household Size 3.07 % 21 years and over 64.3%
% 55 years and over 18.3%
Race/Ethnic Distribution % 60 years and over 13.3%
White 30.0% % 65 years and over 9.3%
Hispanic 46.9% Median Age 29.3
Black 7.7%
American Indian & Alaskan Native 0.6% Occupied Housing Unit Tenure
Asian & Pacific Islander 12.3% Percent Owner-Occupied 49.1%
Other 2.4% Percent Renter-Occupied 50.9%
2008-2012 U.S. Census American Community Survey
Median Family Income $47,002 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed High School or Equivalent 74.7%
Median Household Income $42,276 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed a Bachelor’s Degree 20.1%
Percent of Persons Below Poverty Level 27.5%
Percent of Children Under 18 Years of Age Below Poverty Level 38.6% Percent of Persons 5 Years of Age and Older Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home 42.1%


 Form of Government:Strong Mayor Council Manager Charter City

Local Newspaper:
The Fresno Bee
1626 E Street
Fresno, California 93786
Phone: 4416111

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