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Incorporated 1896

Fast Facts for the City of Selma


The Selma City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

COG Policy Board Representative


Title First Name Last Name Email Phone
Mayor Scott Robertson scottr@cityofselma.com (559) 891-2200
Mayor Pro Tem Beverly Cho beverlyc@cityofselma.com (559) 891-2200
Councilmember Blanca Mendoza-Navarro blancan@cityofselma.com (559) 891-2200
Councilmember John Trujillo johnt@cityofselma.com (559) 891-2200
Councilmember Sarah Guerra sarahg@cityofselma.com (559) 891-2200
City Manager Teresa Gallavan teresag@cityofselma.com (559) 891-2200
City Clerk Reyna Rivera reynar@cityofselma.com (559) 891-2200
Police Chief Joseph Gomez joeg@cityofselma.com (559) 896-2280
Fire Chief Shane Ferrell shanef@cityofselma.com (559) 891-2211


Selma began with the founding of the Valley View School district in 1880. In 1890 four farmers (J.D. Whitson, E.H. Tucker, George Otis and Monroe Snyder) formed a partnership, developed a townsite and began auctioning lots. The city of Selma was incorporated just three years later. By 1910, although raisins were the major crop, Selma was know as the Home of the Peach. In 1912, both fruits were honored in a Peach/Raisin Festival. Selma officially adopted the name Raisin Capital of the World in 1963, with 90% of the nations raisin crop being cultivated within eight miles of the city.

In the past three to four years Selma has become the hub of growth for the south valley. In addition to many new housing projects, Selma is very proud of its downtown and industrial and commercial developments it has attracted in recent years. These include a U.S. Postal Encoding Center, a new regional movie theater, a variety of new shopping opportunities, and an auto mall. Selma residents and business owners are very proud of their community and strive to keep the small town atmosphere and quality of life they have come to love.

January 1, 2015 State of California Department of Finance Information
Population 23,912
Number of Housing Units 6,934
Vacancy Rate 5.8%
April 1, 2010 U.S. Census Information
Population 23,219 Age Distribution
Number of Housing Units 6,813 % under 5 years 8.8%
Vacancy Rate 5.83% % under 18 years 32.1%
Average Household Size 3.59 % 21 years and over 62.6%
% 55 years and over 18.2%
Race/Ethnic Distribution % 60 years and over 13.7%
White 15.8% % 65 years and over 9.9%
Hispanic 77.6% Median Age 29.5
Black 0.7%
American Indian & Alaskan Native 0.5% Occupied Housing Unit Tenure
Asian & Pacific Islander 4.3% Percent Owner-Occupied 59.6%
Other 1.2% Percent Renter-Occupied 40.4%
2008-2012 U.S. Census American Community Survey
Median Family Income $43,431 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed High School or Equivalent 59.2%
Median Household Income $41,817 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed a Bachelor’s Degree 10.5%
Percent of Persons Below Poverty Level 24.9%
Percent of Children Under 18 Years of Age Below Poverty Level 35.7% Percent of Persons 5 Years of Age and Older Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home 55.2%

Form of Government:City Council City Manager

Local Newspaper:
Selma Enterprise
P.O. Box 9, Hanford,
CA 93232
Phone: 559-582-0471
FAX: 559-582-2341

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