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Incorporated in 1942

Fast Facts for the City of Mendota


The Mendota City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

*COG Policy Board Representative

Title Name Email
Mayor Rolando Castro rcastro@cityofmendota.com
Mayor Pro Tem Victor Martinez vmartinez@cityofmendota.com
Councilmember Jesse Mendoza jmendoza@cityofmendota.com
Councilmember Oscar Rosales orosales@cityofmendota.com
Councilmember Joseph R. Riofrio jriofrio@cityofmendota.com
City Manager Cristian Gonzalez cristian@cityofmendota.com
City Clerk Celest Cabrera ccabrera@cityofmendota.com
Finance Director Rudy Marquez rudy@cityofmendota.com
Director of Planning & Public Works Cristian Gonzalez cristian@cityofmendota.com
Director of Administrative Services Jennifer Lekumberry jennifer@cityofmendota.com
City Attorney John P. Kinsey


Chief of Police Gregg Andreotti gandreotti@cityofmendota.com
City Engineer David McGlasson, Provost & Pritchard

Consulting Group

City Planner Jeff O’Neal, Provost & Pritchard

Consulting Group

Battalion Chief Vince Bergland, Fresno County Fire

Protection District


The Southern Pacific Railroad established a storage and switching facility in 1891 at the site of present day Mendota. However, the city was not incorporated until 1942.

The wildlife refuge to the east of town is complemented by abundant croplands in all the surrounding area. Mendota has traditionally been almost entirely dependent on agriculture for its economic wellbeing, and has gained recognition as the Cantaloupe Center of the World. The citys goal is to move from dependence on the seasonal crops to a more year-round operation.

Recreational opportunities are abundant, with three city parks in addition to the county and state administered parklands, and an active sports and activity program. Hunting and fishing are excellent in the area.

January 1, 2015 State of California Department of Finance Information
Population 11,211
Number of Housing Units 2,571
Vacancy Rate 7.3%
April 1, 2010 U.S. Census Information
Population 11,014 Age Distribution
Number of Housing Units 2,556 % under 5 years 11.2%
Vacancy Rate 5.16% % under 18 years 33.9%
Average Household Size 4.54 % 21 years and over 60.6%
% 55 years and over 11.0%
Race/Ethnic Distribution % 60 years and over 7.3%
White 2.2% % 65 years and over 4.7%
Hispanic 96.6% Median Age 26.2
Black 0.3%
American Indian & Alaskan Native 0.2% Occupied Housing Unit Tenure
Asian & Pacific Islander 0.4% Percent Owner-Occupied 43.6%
Other 0.3% Percent Renter-Occupied 56.4%
2008-2012 U.S. Census American Community Survey
Median Family Income $25,401 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed High School or Equivalent 30.4%
Median Household Income $26,061 Percent of Persons 25 Years of Age and Older Who Have Completed a Bachelor’s Degree 1.2%
Percent of Persons Below Poverty Level 45.6%
Percent of Children Under 18 Years of Age Below Poverty Level 63.7% Percent of Persons 5 Years of Age and Older Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home 90.1%

Form of Government:City CouncilCity Manager

Local Newspaper: 
Firebaugh-Mendota Journal
P.O. Box 336
Kerman, California 93630

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