2018 Regional Transportation Plan Public Outreach

2018 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Public Participation/Outreach

2018 Regional Transportation Plan Public Outreach Strategy – Approved July 28, 2016

2016 Fresno COG Public Participation Plan – Approved July 28, 2016

Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) Fall 2017 Outreach

Fresno COG released four Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) scenarios on October 5, 2017 for public review and preferred scenario selection. As planned and reviewed by Fresno COG staff, the participating Mini Grant Outreach Recipients, RTP Roundtable, TTC, PAC and the Policy Board in September 2017, Fresno COG staff’s outreach strategy is running from September 20 to November 9 using a three-pronged approach that includes:

  • 6 Online, interactive survey easily accessible via smart phone or computer   In English   In Spanish
  • 11 scenario presentations given at existing group or organization meetings
  • 20 booths at community events throughout Fresno County

By November 3, 2017, 1,292 completed scenario preference surveys had been collected, with three presentations left on the outreach schedule. As planned and communicated, the bulk of the outreach was completed in time to present community feedback to the RTP Roundtable prior to their selection of a preferred scenario.

The survey outreach was designed to provide the RTP Roundtable, TTC and PAC tools for understanding what Fresno County residents believe is important when planning for future growth, so they could provide an advisory recommendation to the Fresno COG Policy Board.

Outreach events and presentations were held in 11 communities, but survey responses were received from residents 29 towns cities, covering 50 zip codes throughout the county.

Final Survey Results Report

Via survey we asked, “What did you like best about the scenario you chose?”

Positive Comments why I chose this scenario

Them via survey we asked, “what negative impacts to your community, if any, do you foresee from the other scenarios?”

Comments received via survey:

Negative A Comments

Negative B Comments

Negative C Comments

Negative D Comments


Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Public Workshops and Online Input

June 2017 RTP Project Suggestions Public Workshops

Fresno COG staff, working with the seven Regional Transportation Plan Mini-Grant recipient organizations, hosted 15 community workshops throughout the County between June 5 and July 6, 2017.  Each of the 15 workshops included dinner, childcare, and Spanish presentations, when needed, as well as translation and interpretation services. In total, 516 people attended workshops with 413 of them participating in our workshop demographic survey.

Fresno COG also developed an online survey in English and Spanish to provide opportunity for transportation project input to those who could not attend the workshops.  The survey was available through July 9, 2017. In total, Fresno COG received online input from 92 participants.

These June 2017 outreach efforts were focused on providing the public an opportunity to provide transportation project suggestions that could be submitted by local agencies in response to the RTP Call for Projects issued July 1, 2017.  The workshops were advertised through many means by Mini-Grant organizations and Fresno COG.  Television advertisements were produced for each workshop and aired on KSEE 24 and KGPE 47 and interviews were scheduled with Central Valley Today and Univision.  Flyers and information were posted to websites, emailed to databases and shared through social media.  Many organizations shared workshop information at existing organization or group meetings and some even went door to door canvasing neighborhoods. Staff is waiting for final reports from each Mini-Grantee on their individual efforts.

During the workshops and through the online portal Fresno COG received 1,218 suggestions for projects, 663 from workshop attendees and 555 from online participants. The suggestions were separated into three categories:

1. Streets and Roads – Repairing roads, adding lanes, improving intersections, improving safety, reducing congestion or “other,” 573 suggestions received

2. Transit – Adding bus stops or new service, improving service, improving safety, repairing assets or “other”, 251 suggestions received

3. Active Transportation – Adding bike lanes, adding or repairing sidewalks or trails, improving safety, adding bike racks, or “other”, 368 suggestions received

Fresno COG staff processed the workshop and online suggestions and forwarded all of them to local agencies for consideration. All of the Active Transportation suggestions were also forwarded to the consultant working on our Active Transportation Plan for the Fresno County Region.


Project Suggestion List by Community Workshop:

Clovis Workshop
Clovis – (Additional hard copy
 Selma Workshop
County of Fresno
Malaga, Lanare,
Cantua Creek Workshops
Firebaugh Workshop
Fresno Workshop
Fresno (additional hard copy
surveys received)
Huron Workshop
Kerman Workshop
Mendota Workshop
Orange Cove Workshop
Parlier Workshop
Reedley Workshop
Sanger Workshop

Project Suggestions submitted online:

Online Project Suggestions Spreadsheet

View the online projects on an interactive map – Click this link, hold your curser over one of the dots and view the project information

April 2017 Sustainable Communities Strategy Scenario Development Public Workshop

The first public workshop during the RTP development process was held Tuesday April 25th at 5:30 PM at Hoover High School in Fresno, California.  Community members shared their vision for our community at an interactive workshop on April 25th at Hoover High School. We appreciate the 88 Fresno area residents that shared their thoughts and opinions on different scenarios to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions through transportation and land use choices.

>  View the workshop presentation with survey results

> View the workshop flyer:   In English    In Spanish

Sustainable Communities Strategy Scenario Development Online Survey Results

Online survey results:

Number of Participants for English Survey – Spanish Survey

Demographics of English Survey  –  Spanish Survey

Priority Ranking of English Survey – Spanish Survey

Trade Offs of English Survey – Spanish Survey

Scenario Selection of English Survey – Spanish Survey


Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Committees

Environmental Justice Advisory Committee

The Environmental Justice Advisory Committee is structured to serve as a subcommittee of Fresno COG’s Transportation Technical Committee (TTC). This subcommittee enjoys the benefits of a formalized process as it feeds into the structured, standard committee process.  The subcommittee meets when Fresno COG staff, the TTC, the Policy Advisory Committee or the Fresno COG Policy Board requests recommendations on items involving Environmental Justice populations. They also meet to assist Fresno COG staff in setting thresholds for Environmental Justice Populations for the Environmental Justice Report within the 2018 Regional Transportation Plan.  The subcommittee members report all advisory actions to the TTC through an Environmental Justice Representative. Then the TTC’s recommendations are referred to the Policy Advisory Committee and Fresno COG Policy Board as needed.

The subcommittee has ten positions to provide full, diverse and equitable representation from designated Environmental Justice populations:

Three Fresno COG member agencies representatives: Local agency urban, East side local agency rural and West side local agency rural

From the public:

  •       4 Minority representatives for the following nationalities with the highest population in Fresno County:
  •           – Hispanic
  •           – African American
  •           – Asian
  •           – American Indian
  •      2 Low Income
  •      1 Senior (65 or older)
  •      1 Persons with disabilities

2018 RTP Roundtable

The 2018 RTP Roundtable supports the Fresno COG staff and COG standing committees in their planning and preparation of the 2018 Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy.  It is therefore vital to the success of the process that the RTP Roundtable consider issues that support development of the 2018 RTP/SCS and provide comments and community-based consensus that support the final decision on the RTP by the Fresno Council of Governments’ Policy Board.   RTP Roundtable Meeting Agendas


Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Public Outreach Partners

Fresno COG’s 2017-2018 Mini Grant Outreach Program

The Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) is providing $5,000 mini grants to community organizations, schools, agencies, businesses to solicit ongoing public input into key activities associated with the preparation of their 2018 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and the Sustainable Communities Strategy Scenarios associated within it. This helps to ensure diverse and extensive input on the 2018 RTP from people and populations throughout the region.

 Questions? Contact Fresno COG Administrative Services Manager Brenda Veenendaal at 559-233-4148, ext. 219 or via email at brendav@fresnocog.org.