Annual Unmet Transit Needs Survey and Process

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Fresno COG must determine the amount of TDA funds available from the TDA Local Transportation Fund (LTF) for allocation to local agencies within Fresno County. Allocations are made in four categories: Bicycle and pedestrian facilities, social service transportation, regional transportation planning, and public transportation. In certain cases, funding from the public transportation category can be applied to local streets and roads in individual jurisdictions if a finding has been made that there are no unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet within the jurisdiction; however, public transit must be given priority. As a result, prior to allocating LTF funds for any use other than public transit in the public transportation category, the Fresno COG must identify any unmet public transit needs that may exist in Fresno County that are reasonable to meet.  The Unmet Transit Needs Assessment process is conducted to identify any unmet transit needs and make any related findings.  Learn more


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Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP) draft plan out for review

The Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP) is the first component of the Regional Climate Action Plan which includes a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, identification and quantification of priority GHG emissions reduction measures, a benefit analysis for low-income and disadvantaged communities, and identification of implementation authorities. Outreach to stakeholders and the

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New! Requests for Proposals

Go to Doing Business With Fresno COG for more details or click on a link below. Measure C Transit Oriented Development (TOD) There is $1,502,300 available in the program for this 12th funding cycle.Please refer to the TOD program Guidelines for project eligibility and scoring criteria. Measure C TOD Request for Proposals

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Fresno COG’s 2024 One Voice D.C Advocacy Trip

Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) began its “One Voice” annual effort in 2003, seeking federal funding for projects of broad, community benefit to Fresno County. For 16 years Fresno COG’s unified, public-private delegation selected prioritized projects and visited Congressional and federal departmental representatives in Washington, D.C. to pursue funding

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