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The Fresno COG relies heavily on outside consultants and other vendors to help accomplish the overall mission and objectives of the Association. Please check back often as announcements for Request for Proposals are posted regularly to this page.


Fresno County Regional Trails Plan Request for Proposals

The Fresno Council of Governments, as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Fresno County, is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to provide planning services and prepare a Fresno County Regional Trails Plan. The purpose of this plan will be to improve the convenience and safety of people utilizing rural, recreational trails and to enhance the quality of life by providing, maintaining, and improving hiking trails in Fresno County.  This project will develop plans to identify any regional trail gaps, identify planned and conceptual trail projects, inform prioritization of locations for trail infrastructure improvements, and develop a consistent trail wayfinding sign plan for implementation throughout Fresno County.


The deadline for proposal questions is Tuesday, March 12, 2019.  Please submit any questions in writing to Peggy Arnest at so your questions and subsequent answers can be easily posted to this FCOG webpage.



  1. Can you provide a shapefile of Fresno County trails?
  2. Does the scope of this plan include only Class I bikeways (multi-purpose recreational trails), or does it also include unpaved trails that do not meet Class I standards, both for existing trails assessment and future trail planning?
  3. On page 6 of the RFP reads the statement: “The consultant will conduct a minimum of one outreach meeting for each of the five supervisorial districts (SD) within Fresno County.” Can you please articulate what types of outreach meeting you would like to see happen in each of the five districts?
  4. Can you please confirm that 25 pages double-sided is equivalent to 50 single-sided pages?
  5. Can you please confirm if resumes will be subject to the page limit, as the RFP mentions that these should be included as an appendix?
  6. Will Front and Back Covers and a table of contents be subject to the page limit?
  7. Will it be acceptable to include the budget and billing format on an 11×17 paper size if needed?
  8. Can you please confirm if a signature or statement is needed in response to Attachment A Title VI Assurance.
  9. Are only attachment B DBE/WBE Bidder Listing and Attachment C Personnel Cost Template the only attachments required to submit with the proposal?
  10. Is there a form or statement needed if there are no conflicts of interest?
  11. Is a statement confirming appropriate insurance required during the proposal submittal stage?
  12. Section A.3. mentions 3 stakeholder meetings, and Section F.2. mentions a minimum of 1 outreach meeting in each of 5 supervisorial districts in the County (for a minimum total of 8 meetings). What is the preferred order/sequence between the two types of meetings? Will community outreach be conducted before or after draft designs and reports are discussed? (Section A.3)
  13. What is the latest ADA transition plan that has been completed for Fresno County?
  14.  Are there ongoing trail planning efforts in Fresno County besides the City of Fresno Trail Network Feasibility Plan?

15. Does Fresno COG anticipate any potential coordination of outreach/data among ongoing planning efforts?


16. For this plan, does Fresno COG anticipate any coordination with the US Forest Service or National Park Service to consider any trails or trail plans in National Forest or National Park?


17. Section 4.B.2. states that “The Consultant will create an inventory of all existing parks and trails facilities owned and/or maintained by the County”,  and to “inventory physical characteristics…and amenities… and their abilities to meet current and projected needs.”  Given that this is a Trails Plan, are parks to be inventoried to only include amenities that support trail recreation ( for example: parking, bathrooms, shade, water, picnic tables, signage), or is a complete inventory of park recreation amenities expected? If so, is a level-of-service analysis expected for park acreage and amenities?


18. Are there guides, maps, or other resources to help prioritize fieldwork efforts as part of the trail inventory process?


19. Is any environmental review required for the future trail system?



  1. When the question was posed to County staff, these files were provided:

Bike-Trail files for 2018 R-ATP

Bike Trail Shapefiles


02. With this project, the County would like to focus on County owned parks and rural, hiking trails that in all likelihood will not meet Class I standards.  And yes, the project must include existing trails assessment and future trail planning.

03. Small group workshops or pop-up events at schools or community centers or whatever your firm suggests.

04. Correct.

05. Correct, include as an appendix and they count towards the 50 pages.

06. No.

07. Yes.

08. Yes, a statement that your firm will comply with all the requirements.

09. Correct.

10. A statement would be fine.

11. Yes.

12. Planning judgement is needed here.  Designs and draft reports will be probably be needed to present info to the public and because the designs and reports are drafts, the public can still provide input. However, if your firm has a better idea, we are open to it.

13. The latest ADA transition plan was completed in March 2018.

14. No other on-going efforts by public agencies that I know of, but maybe some with private agencies like the SJ River Parkway Conservancy.

15. Yes.

16. Yes, if a County trail connects or has plans to connect to one of their trails.

17. We are thinking an inventory of amenities that support trail recreation only.

18. Yes.  These will be provided to the selected consultant.

19. This project is intended to identify future projects. At such time that project funding becomes available, the County will address CEQA.




The deadline for the proposal is Wednesday, March 27, 2019 by noon.


Fresno County Regional Trails Plan RFP



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