Measure C Farmworker Vanpool Program

Measure C Farmworker Vanpool Program provides vouchers to help farm laborers pay for their transportation to various job sites when they ride in an approved Farmworker Vanpool. Funds are available on a first-come first-serve basis until the program funds are exhausted. All groups interested in participating in the Farmworker Vanpool Program are required to use an authorized vanpool provider or form an employer-sponsored vanpool. Owner-Operator vanpools are not eligible to receive these vouchers.

For more information regarding the Farmworker Vanpool Program, contact (559) 441-7433.

The 2006 Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan

The Measure was passed by voters in November 2006 and provides funds for this Farmworker Vanpool Program. The program is designed to get commuters to their destinations safely, improve air quality, and provide a cost-effective alternative to the single occupant vehicle. The Measure C Farmworker Vanpool Program is open to both public and private industry competition, as well as potential public/private partnerships.