Environmental Justice in the RTP

Environmental Justice in the RTP

Fresno COG’s EJ webpage – COG’s standing EJ page. RTP specific information will be posted here moving forward.

Fresno COG’s Environmental Justice Report

Adopted July 2018 
View Fresno COG’s EJ Report as Chapter 7 of the 2018 RTP
This Environmental Justice Equity Analysis is intended to measure both the benefits and burdens associated with the transportation investment alternatives included in the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, and to make sure that the environmental justice communities living within Fresno County share equitably in the benefits of the Plan’s investments without bearing a disproportionate share of the burdens.

Environmental Justice Advisory Committee

The Environmental Justice Advisory Committee is structured to serve as a subcommittee of Fresno COG’s Transportation Technical Committee (TTC). This subcommittee enjoys the benefits of a formalized process as it feeds into the structured, standard committee process.  The subcommittee meets when Fresno COG staff, the TTC, the Policy Advisory Committee or the Fresno COG Policy Board request recommendations on items involving Environmental Justice populations. They also meet to assist Fresno COG staff in setting thresholds for Environmental Justice Populations for Environmental Justice Report within each Regional Transportation Plan.  The subcommittee members report all advisory actions to the TTC through an Environmental Justice Representative. Then the TTC’s recommendations are referred to the Policy Advisory Committee and Fresno COG Policy Board as needed.
The subcommittee has ten positions to provide full, diverse and equitable representation from designed Environmental Justice populations:

  • Local agency urban
  • East side local agency rural
  • West side local agency rural
  • 4 Minority representatives for the following nationalities with the highest population in Fresno County:
    • Hispanic
    • African American
    • Asian
    • American Indian
  • 2 Low Income
  • Senior (65 or older)
  • Persons with disabilities