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Public meeting: Reverse Triangle Transportation Area Plan

Fresno Council of Governments is developing a plan for transportation improvements in the Reverse Triangle area of Fresno. Join us tonight at 6:00 pm or visit for additional information or to provide comments with our interactive mapping tool and virtual survey. Please share with your networks – we’re looking for the widest possible audience of those that live, work or own...

Employment Opportunities – Fresno County Rural Transit Agency

Accountant for Fresno County Rural Transit Agency For more information see the job description here:   Send your resume and cover letter to: Moses Stites, General Manager 2035 Tulare Street, Suite 201 Fresno, California 93721 Phone (559) 233-6789, Fax (559) 233-9645 E-mail The FCRTA offices are located within the Fresno COG offices.

2020 Unmet Public Transit Needs Process

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Fresno COG must determine the amount of TDA funds available from the TDA Local Transportation Fund (LTF) for allocation to local agencies within Fresno County. Allocations are made in four categories: Bicycle and pedestrian facilities, social service transportation, regional transportation planning, and public transportation. In certain cases, funding from the public transportation category...

Fresno County Political Districts Map

Fresno County Political Districts Map

Fresno County Political Districts Map Welcome to Fresno COG’s new Political Districts mapping tool.  Want to know who represents you at the various levels of government? Use this map of Fresno County to see your representatives at the County level (Board of Supervisors), at the State level (State Assembly and Senate Districts) and at the national level (Congressional Districts).  Use...

Senate Bill 1

Senate Bill 1

Senate Bill 1 The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017   SB1’s Importance to the Fresno County Region – PowerPoint saved as a pdf file Signed April 28, 2017 Invests $52.5 billion over the next decade Augments existing programs and creates new funding programs Creates Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account (RMRA) to allocate portion of revenues Includes accountability measures...