Step 3: VMT

Step 3: Determine Project Size, Analyze VMT

Projects that cannot be classified as either residential, office or retail are analyzed based on the project’s VMT per employee. Non-exempt projects of this type must be analyzed using the Fresno COG Activity-Based Model. For projects that must use the ABM, project sponsors can either contact COG staff or use Fresno COG VMT Modeling Consultant List.

COG Staff: Contact Kai Han ( or Santosh Bhattarai (

The applicable threshold depends on whether or not the project is consistent with the general plan of the applicable jurisdiction:

  • Projects consistent with the general plan must produce VMT per employee that is less than or equal to the regional average.
  • Projects requiring a general plan amendment (GPA) must produce VMT per employee that is less than 13% or 15% below the regional average*.

* Depending on jurisdiction VMT policies. Click here for more information.

Once you have the VMT results, you may continue the analysis:

VMT per employee is less than or equal to the applicable threshold

VMT per employee is greater than the applicable threshold

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