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Valleywide Coordination of plans, programs and activities

Fresno COG staff is also actively involved on Valleywide committees consist of COG staff members from all eight San Joaquin Valley Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). These groups meet regularly on issues of mutual interest. In addition to the committees or groups listed below, the San Joaquin Valley MPOs are also active in the state’s high-speed rail efforts, promotion of State Route 99, goods movement through the Valley, RTP/SCS development and other areas of mutual concern. Together they have developed a San Joaquin Valley Council of Governments website:


Model Coordinating Committee

The Model Coordinating Committee (MCC) has been established to provide a coordinated approach to valley air quality, conformity and transportation modeling issues. The committee’s goal is to ensure Valleywide coordination, communication and compliance with Federal and State Clean Air Act requirements.  Each of the eight Valley Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) are represented. In addition, the Federal Highway Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board and Caltrans are all represented on the committee.


Programming Coordination Group

The Valley Programming Coordination Group has been established to provide a coordinated approach to Valley air quality and transportation programming issues. The committee’s goal is to ensure Valley wide coordination, communication and compliance with federal and state Clean Air Act requirements. Each of the eight Valley Transportation Planning Agencies (TPAs) and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) are represented. In addition, the Federal Highway Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board and Caltrans are all represented on the committee.


San Joaquin Valley Greenprint Planning Process Steering & Technical Advisory Committees

The Greenprint Planning Process addresses rural land management challenges and opportunities that deepen our understanding of the land, water and living resources in the region and assures that those resources continue to benefit the region economically and environmentally for future generations. The Steering Committee and Technical Advisory Committee will work to assemble the perspectives of the residents of the region into a shared vision, and to identify a series of strategies for the conservation and management of the region’s land, water and living resources. These strategies will be developed with extensive public input and will be based on sound science and economics. The resulting “Greenprint” can then serve as a guide to local, state, federal and private sector decision makers as they make choices about the future of the Valley’s resources.


San Joaquin Valley Regional Planning Agencies – Regional Policy Council

The creation of the San Joaquin Valley Regional Policy Council is a key partnership that exemplifies the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies’ approach to working on regional issues. This sixteen member Regional Policy Council was established to discuss and build regional consensus on issues of Valley importance. The Council consists of two elected officials and one alternate appointed from each of the regional planning agencies’ policy boards. The Council is positioned to have a unique and potentially pivotal position in further Valley collaborative efforts and improving the quality of life for all Valley residents. The Policy Council provides guidance on common interregional policy issues and also represents the San Joaquin Valley at public forums such as the California Transportation Commission, the Governor and his administration, as well as State and Federal legislative bodies that require a common voice from the San Joaquin Valley.


San Joaquin Valley Regional Planning Agencies – Directors’ Committee

The Valley Executive Directors meet regularly to discuss issues of mutual importance to all of the Valley Metropolitan Planning Organizations. Meeting agendas, minutes and information about the SJV Directors meetings are available online at


Valley Planners Network

In 2007, as part of the Valleywide Blueprint planning activities, the Regional Planning Agencies sponsored the formation of the Valley Blueprint Planners Network (Planners Network). This group, originally called the SJV Blueprint Professional Planning Review Panel, then the San Joaquin Valley Professional Planners Group; and now the Valley Planners Network (VPN), was created to engage professional planners from counties and cities participating in the Blueprint process. Because Fresno COG serves as the lead agency on the Valley Blueprint activities, it continued to host the group, which is chaired by John Wright, former planning director for the City of Clovis.  In 2016, the Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) at Fresno State took over as the staff lead, while Fresno COG continues to coordinate activities and hosting.


The Planners Network served in an advisory capacity to the Project Managers on major Blueprint activities, such as the selection of the preferred growth scenario. During the Valley Blueprint planning process the Planners Network met quarterly to review and comment on Blueprint issues and progress. Since the adoption of the preferred growth scenario, the Planners Network continues to meet quarterly to engage local agency staff with regional and state planning topics.

Fresno COG offices will be closed on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 in observance of Caesar Chavez Day.

Fresno COG Office Operations: Consistent with protocols being followed by state and local public agencies, in light of the COVID -19 crisis, beginning today March 19, 2020, the majority of Fresno COG staff will be telecommuting from home.

Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee (RTMF) Collection: Fresno COG will continue to collect RTMF mitigation fees, however RTMF payments will only be collected on Monday and Tuesday until March 31st or until the COVID-19 situation is mitigated to a level deemed safe by public health officials.

Senior Taxi Scrip Program: Seniors who live in Fresno County will still be able to purchase senior taxi scrip via mail.