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  • Select Regional Transportation Plan Roundtable Positions still open

    RTP Roundtable Application

    As Fresno COG staff prepares to kick-off the planning process for the 2018 Regional Transportation Plan, staff has released the application for participation on the 2018 RTP Roundtable. The 2018 RTP Roundtable will support the Fresno COG staff and COG standing committees in the planning and preparation of the 2018 Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy.  more..


    ATP Cycle 3 Regional Call for Projects

    Cycle 3 Active Transportation Program (ATP) Regional Call for Projects is Open Now!

    >  Active Transportation Program (ATP) webpage

    Fresno COG’s Cycle 3 ATP Cycle 3 Regional Call for Projects closes Thursday, September 15, 2016.




  • Separated Bikeway Feasibility Study

    The Fresno COG has initiated a project to determine the feasibility of constructing separated bikeways within Fresno and Clovis and possibly elsewhere in the County.  Click on the website link below to learn about the benefits of separated bikeways and what differentiates them from regular bike lanes, then take the short survey and use the Interactive Map to show where you think a separated bikeway should be located.

    > >


    For more information about this project, please contact

    Fresno COG staffperson Clark Thompson at

    (559) 233-4148 ext. 203


  • Measure C Programs

    Measure C sponsors a variety of transportation programs that Fresno COG implements:  Measure C page on this website

    » Taxi Scrip Program         » Carpool Incentive Program

    » Commuter Vanpools       » Ag Worker Vanpools

    » Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee

    » Transit Oriented Development

    » New Technology Reserve 





    The Veterans Boulevard project planned for NW Fresno will include a new interchange on State Route 99 and a 2.5 mile super arterial from Herndon to Grantland. The new interchange will be located on SR 99 between the Herndon Ave. and Shaw Ave interchanges. This project will:

    Improve access to SR99
    provide congestion relief to NW Fresno.
    connect NW Fresno to the communities west of SR 99

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