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    Regional Transportation Plan public workshops

    Working with our seven Mini-Grant Recipients, Fresno COG will is hosting 15 public workshops throughout the region during the month of June. At those workshops we will present a list of the current regional transportation projects for each community and ask for the public input. More

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    Regional Long-Range Transit Plan

    View the Notes for the Steering Committee Meeting #1

    The Fresno County Regional Long Range Transit Plan will provide guidance for the future investment in the public transportation system in Fresno County. The Plan will detail how to provide and preserve a sustainable, safe, integrated and efficient transit system which will enhance Fresno’s economy and livability. 

    The first Steering Committee meeting was held on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Fresno COG.





  • Regional Active Transportation Plan 

    During the late spring and summer of 2017, the Fresno Council of Governments will be developing a Regional ATP for Fresno County and facilitating the ATP for the 12 small cities within the region.  The Fresno Regional ATP will be an important document that will help each jurisdiction in the County identify needed bicycle and pedestrian projects and help the agencies qualify for new funds to implement the projects. 

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  • Measure C Programs

    Measure C sponsors a variety of transportation programs that Fresno COG implements:  Measure C page on this website

    » Taxi Scrip Program         » Carpool Incentive Program

    » Commuter Vanpools       » Ag Worker Vanpools

    » Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee

    » Transit Oriented Development

    » New Technology Reserve 





    The Veterans Boulevard project planned for NW Fresno will include a new interchange on State Route 99 and a 2.5 mile super arterial from Herndon to Grantland. The new interchange will be located on SR 99 between the Herndon Ave. and Shaw Ave interchanges. This project will:

    Improve access to SR99
    provide congestion relief to NW Fresno.
    connect NW Fresno to the communities west of SR 99

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