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  • 2014 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) From Planning to implementation

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    Peer Exchange Event & Community-based proposals




    Active Transportation Plan Kickoff Meeting

    Thursday, August 14, 2014 – 10:00am to Noon,  Agenda

    Fresno COG aims to create a regional guidance document that identifies necessary bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects throughout the County, provides guidance on programs that educate and encourage residents to walk and bike and focuses on ways to improve and expand upon existing bicycle and pedestrian networks.  Public outreach and participation is a vital piece of preparing this Plan and this meeting will be the first of many that will help staff create a great Active Transportation Plan that can benefit the community in multiple ways.



  • Drought: Tracking the Issues

    As a follow-up to our One Voice D.C. lobbying effort, Fresno COG posted a new webpage for tracking the latest news and efforts related to the San Joaquin Valley Drought.

    SJV Drought Tracking Page

    Look here for the latest press releases, important links, maps, drought relief efforts and drought research.



  • Measure C Programs

    Measure C sponsors a variety of transportation programs including carpool and vanpool subsidies and reduced fares for Taxi rides. For more information about these programs click on the links below:

    » Taxi Scrip Program

    » Carpool/Vanpool Incentive Programs

    » Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee

    Go to Measure C page on this website





    The Veterans Boulevard project planned for NW Fresno will include a new interchange on State Route 99 and a 2.5 mile super arterial from Herndon to Grantland. The new interchange will be located on SR 99 between the Herndon Ave. and Shaw Ave interchanges. This project will:

    Improve access to SR99
    provide congestion relief to NW Fresno.
    connect NW Fresno to the communities west of SR 99

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